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Bogdan Vlădău and Gina Chirilă will be religious! Which dress has chosen her bride

In an interview with the Viva newspaper, Bogdan Vlădău and Gina Chirilă announced that they will be married and religious after the civil marriage between the two took place a year ago. The two now want to bind their fate to God, not just to the law, and they have already figured out how the event will look. Gina and Bogdan do not want to have many guests, so only relatives and family will be next to that special day. Regarding the wedding dress, Gina acknowledged that she chose a simple dress because, from her point of view, she was the key to simplicity. After confession they are ready to take this step, the two have shown that they want a child to appear in their lives.

"During this time, I was even tired. We still fly away. When I get home, I want to spend a lot more time with Bogdan and my family. Bogdan likes to watch movies, be home, cook. Soon it will come religious wedding also to take place. He will be in a private environment with very close friends. He will not be in Bucharest, it will be max 30 guests. I have a wedding dress. It works at her now. simple. There is nothing loaded because I like simplicity. There are also children, but I do not know when. If I do not know, I do not want to talk about it. There are several factors, "explained Gina Chirilă, for the above-mentioned source . Bogdan is in Gina's consent regarding infants, but he added that he does not want the child to be born in Romania. "I'm going to make a classic black suit. I hope to follow and love, but in another country, Bogdan Vlădău added."

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