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Apple, punished by Samsung that it sold too few iPhone

The culmination of irony! Apple will have to give money to Samsung because it has failed to sell how many iPhone phones it has planned

The tense relationship between Apple and Samsung Display is on the verge of getting even worse because the sale of the iPhone could give a hole in Apple's hundreds of millions of dollars

iPhone's under-sale not only affects Apple, but also Samsung. The Koreans seem to be angry and want to punish $ 100 billion because Apple has not bought enough OLED screens

$ 100 billion is equivalent to about $ 86 million. It remains to be seen that hundreds of billions of won are more accurate to see if the punishment will be important to Apple or just small.

Apple, argued by Samsung for weak iPhone sales

The two companies were, of course, on a number of displays, but the reality is different. Apple has insisted that Samsung Display will make a special factory for OLED panels for the iPhone and will need 1

00 million such screens every year.

iPhone no longer comes as well as before, which has a negative impact on Samsung Display, whose operating profit was halved in 2018 compared to 2017.

Nevertheless, Apple is unlikely to pay it in cash. Most likely, the US company will offer additional OLED signs to the Koreans

. However, it seems that Americans also punished Samsung Display with a small amount because it failed to deliver the promised components in time. It is ironic that in a super competitive market such as smartphones, two competitors are fined that they have not sold enough phones

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