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Adrian Severin: “An act of storage”

Former Member of Parliament Adrian Severin accuses the MFA of betraying Romania’s interests, led by Bogdan Aurescu, which Ana Pauker did not do, citing the decision in the Kovesi – EMR case.

Even during Ana Pauker’s time, Romanian diplomacy did not betray the national interest it does under the leadership of Bogdan Aurescu

The MFA’s decision not to use all means to defend the Romanian state, which is part of the Koveși trial against Romania, which is pending before the ECHR, is a betrayal that seeks to be covered by arguments linking incompetence, servility, bad faith and patentdumhet.

You cannot strengthen the authority of prosecutors by turning them into something other than what they are; respectively in agents in the state who act within the limits of a certain professional autonomy under the authority of hierarchical heads and the Minister of Justice. Judges are independent.

You can not confuse the status of the prosecutor, who enjoys independence in relation to the political factor, with the heads of certain organizational structures in the public ministry, who are appointed and recalled on the basis of political / leading opportunity criteria.

You can not process the decrees of the President of the Republic, issued in the exercise of his constitutional powers, and therefore subject to CCR control, when they directly give legal effect, with ordinary administrative acts, issued in application of infra-constitutional laws, and which can be questioned in administrative litigation. (Can the ministers vote the decrees on their revocation in court? It would be a constitutional chaos. Why could the head of a department of the public ministry do that ?!)

You can not invoke to justify the decision to abandon the defense of the Romanian state in European courts, opinions or recommendations of certain supranational institutions that deny the provisions of the Romanian Constitution. This is all the more so because the content of these opinions and recommendations is in itself the subject of the process in question.

The rule of law must be strengthened. But the rule of law means the rule of law, and the constitution is “laws.”

; The rule of law cannot be strengthened against the constitution and with contempt for democratic principles.

As a former Secretary of State, proud of the diplomats I worked with, I can only say to those who shrug their shoulders at the completion of this betrayal, “Shame on you!” As a Romanian citizen, I can only hope that the traitors pay for their deeds.

Below you will find the raw information related to the problem I am referring to.

PS For “Adviser Without Borders” Iulian Chifu (another proof of the truth according to which intelligence does not excuse lack of character, just as beauty does not excuse prostitution) The ECHR trial could only be lost by Romania, because the Romanian state’s fault is “clear and without doubt “:” CCR violated the rights of the former DNA chief. “How could this happen, when Koveși was not a party to a lawsuit that was expected before the RCC, only Mr. Chifu’s legal expertise can tell us. Until he clarifies the mystery, I inform him that even if he says I would be “the defender of the corrupt on all meridians”, in the case of his reign, I will make an exception.Even the defense of the corrupt has limits“Severin wrote on his Facebook page.

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