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A Romanian start-up that produces returnable packaging is looking for financing

R-CREATE, a Romanian startup that launched the first returnable packaging, an alternative to disposable packaging, used for packages ordered online, is listed on the crowdfunding platform SeedBlink for a financing of 140,000 euros.

The use of the new packaging leads to a significant reduction in the amount of disposable packaging and is a first step towards reducing pollution, especially in the current global and legislative context – say the representatives of the start.

The process is as follows: the products are taken to the customer by the courier in their primary packaging and sealed in R-CREATE return packaging. The customer seals, takes over the product and leaves the return packaging R-CREATE to the courier. Thus, the packaging returns to the delivery circuit and through the standard return procedure, can be reused even more than 20 times. At the end of the life cycle of each package, R-CREATE ensures its collection and recycling.

R-CREATE appreciates that it arrives to replace annually over five million disposable packaging with this solution. In addition, as a result of a pilot test conducted in conjunction with Cărturești.ro and FAN Courier as partners, in just 1

2 days, 20% of online customers in Cărture onlineti bookstores have been delivered in reusable R-CREATE packaging instead of disposable packaging. In addition, logistical advantages were observed: better packaging times, 35% packing of the packages and in the packaging storage area, the optimization is over 95%.

R-CREATE is aimed at both companies and customers and has the potential to become an international player in the industry through the proposed solution. Start-up has been working with this solution since 2019, when it won first prize the best idea in recycling, at the Reuse Hub incubator and less than a year after launch, has successfully gone through the product testing phase.

It is now the sole provider of returnable packaging solutions for Cărturești.ro, but is also preparing some other important partnerships with major e-commerce platforms in Romania, which will be visible in the coming months.

The CleanTech and impact investment market where R-CREATE operates, specializing in technical innovations with an impact on the company, is growing rapidly from an investment point of view, the value of transactions has increased 100 times in the last eight years and with the prospect of acceleration due to changes in the sustainability component .

SeedBlink will list R-CREATE on Tuesday 22 September at 10 am for a financing of 140,000 euros, given that there are already commitments from the company’s strategic shareholders for a participation of 30,000 euros in this round. For this financing, the company waives 10.44% of the capital.

R-CREATE addresses a growing market, one that focuses on the green economy, where the business paradigm has completely changed and where the new rules are now being written. We have chosen to use the model for democratization of investments offered by the Seedblink platform for this round of financing with the intention of opening up to private investors in Romania the opportunity to be part of a project that accelerates the transition of e-commerce companies to the new economic model with focus on sustainability. The success of our listing means for us the mandate to change consumer habits and business philosophy within online deliveries. We will use the money raised through the SeedBlink platform to add design and functionality information to our product, thus responding to market demand for innovation in online deliveries. The goal of R-CREATE is that all ordered products in 3 years will be available in a waste-free delivery variant“- said Linda Vasilescu, founder of R-CREATE.

In addition, R-CREATE is already taking the first steps towards expanding the concept at European level by developing partnerships with players from the fashion and home and deco industries.

The R-CREATE management team includes Linda Vasilescu and Adina Humă – founders and members of the implementation team.

Recycling may seem premature, but in reality it follows a path that has already been taken in the civilized world. Congratulations to R-CREATE and we are pleased to continue to support the circular, vertical economy that debuted at SeedBlink in February with Ecotree and now to continue with R-CREATE’s clean technology, which strengthens our determination to promote the modern economy.“, Says Andrei Dudoiu, founder and CEO of SeedBlink.

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