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5 things you do not know about mulled wine

What could be more relaxing on a cold winter evening than a cup of mulled wine that you enjoy with loved ones? But as delicious as this drink is, it’s just as dangerous. Here’s what you did not know about mulled wine.

1. You get drunk faster

Boiled wine intoxicates us much faster than cold alcoholic beverages. Hot drinks are absorbed very quickly by the human body, they go quickly from the stomach to the intestines and from there they go directly into the blood.

Boiled wine makes you fat

Boiled wine makes you fat because it has sugar. If consumed in the evening, it makes you even fatter, because the body does not have time to eliminate the substances it stores. It is preferable to drink beer or cold wine in the evening.

3. You may have a headache

Drinks that contain sugar can ferment in the stomach and therefore cause us headaches. In addition, mulled wine can cause headaches and even nausea due to boiling substances, oils and aldehydes.

4. It makes us freeze

At least if we drink a lot! A small amount of mulled wine warms us. But if we drink a larger amount of mulled wine, the effect is exactly the opposite. The ethanol it contains dilates the blood vessels in the skin and thus removes heat faster. Thus, the drinker will freeze from the cold!

5. It stains the teeth

Boiled red wine colors our teeth blue. This is due to the dyes found in the grapes. They separate when they boil and settle on the teeth.

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