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Roger himself: 5 Quick facts you need to know

  Roger Self killed his daughter. Katelyn Self, having hit the car in a restaurant.


Roger and Katelyn Self.

The authorities say two people are killed after a man crashed his vehicle to a restaurant in Bessemer City, North Carolina, located in Gaston County, about 30 miles outside Charlotte.

The suspect, identified by friends of Gaston Gazette as the 62-year-old Roger Self, Dallas, North Carolina, alleged his car entered the Surf and Turf Lodge on North 14th Street while the restaurant served Sunday brunch. 19659005] ?MAJOR ACCIDENT? #BessemerCity
808 N 14th St
Several agencies of someone who crashed their car in The Surf and Turf Lodge Restaurant bldg, 808 N 14th St, reported at least 1 death & more injured, information still gathering, avoiding the area and expecting delays

– Metrolina Alerts (@MetrolinaAlerts) May 20, 2018

According to NBC Charlotte, a source said the man went into the facility with his family and put them down before he Carefully, the car drove into the restaurant.

A helicopter arrived at the scene to take people to local hospitals and reported that four people were injured.

The authorities believe that the event should be domestic re

Here's what we know so far:

1.The suspect, identified by friends like Roger Self, Dallas, let his family eat before he left the restaurant, and crashes his Vehicles In Establishment

The suspect was identified as Roger Self, Dallas, North Carolina, said friends, according to Gaston Gazette. He himself claimed his family to eat before leaving Surf and Turf Lodge, got into his vehicle, allegedly a white Jeep SUV, and proceeded to intentionally drive it into the restaurant's front door at 12:04.

Authorities say that Roger Self travels at high speed as he crashed through the facility to the area where his family was sitting.

2.Self's daughter is a victim of cruelty, according to the police

  Katelyn Self

Katelyn Self.

Roger Self's daughter, identified by Gaston Gazette as Katelyn "Kate" himself, a corporal with the Gaston County Sheriff Office, was killed as reported in the incident. Another family member has also died, according to reports, but that person has not yet been identified.

Gaston County Sheriff's Department released the following statement that Katelyn lost his life to the tragedy:

Today, we lost an own deputy Katelyn Self in a tragic event that occurred when she was not in service. Katelyn has served the sheriff's office for four years and was a corporal in prison. Our hearts are broken and we pray for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, not only for Katelyn's family and friends but also for their brothers and sisters in uniform.

Gaston Gazette reports that "Several other members of Self's family are fighting for their lives."

  Katie Self, Roger Self

Katelyn "Kate" Self Identified As One Of The Deceased.

Katelyn Even Boyfriend, Alex Burns, is an officer with the Gaston Sheriff Office, allegedly one of the injured because of the attack.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Roger Self's son, Josh Self, is also an officer at the Gaston Sheriff Office.

3rd Authorities consider the incidence to be related to a secret question

"Initial information indicates Surf and Turf Lodge incidents are domestic related," said the police department Charolotte-Mecklenburg on their Twitter page.

4th The owner is himself as president of southeastern loss management, Inc.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the Self president and owner of Southeastern Loss Management, Inc., located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Profile states:

Roger Self is owner and president of South East Loss Management Inc. South East Loss Management has been in operation since 1989 and is located just outside Charlotte N.C.

He is a licensed private investigator who specializes in business losses. Roger has conducted thousands of interviews with employees who have assumed forgiveness. Roger has the unique ability to get information from individuals who have committed an assortment of fraud and business failure.

Roger has solved thousands of cases including cases involving district, regional and store level managers.

Roger has personally recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses that would usually have been lost.

Specialties: Hearing of employees, identification of persons responsible for theft or fraud in business.

5th The restaurant opened in 2006, and chose "Best of Gaston"

  Surf and Turf Lodge North Carolina

Surf & Turf Lodge in Gaston County, North Carolina, was the scene of a cruel crime May 20th.

According to their website, Surf and Turf Lodge was opened in 2006 and voted "Best of Gaston." In the section "About Us" is stated:

Surf and Turf Lodge of Bessemer City, NC was opened in July 2006 by Jack and Janice Hovis, and from June 2016 we celebrate our 10 year of successful operation. We accommodate over 200 people in our building and accommodate large parties in our room that seats 80 comfortably. Our excellent staff strive to make your experience at Surf & Turf a pleasant and memorable experience. We strive to offer the best food quality and service to our customers!

Jack and Janice Hovis built and owned Surf and Turf Lodge from June 2006 through retirement in August 2016, handing their teeth to their business partner and daughter Melissa McMahan. Melissa has been a part of the restaurant for over 7 years.

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