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Robert Mueller hearing can be delayed one week

The agreement to delay the hearings in exchange for an extended testimony is not complete, the sources say, and lawmakers are still negotiating.

Mueller has been scheduled to appear on July 17 before the court and intelligence committees in the back-to-back sessions where 22 members from each committee would be considered for special councils.

But the plan gave rise to a rebellion from the members of the court committee of both parties during the limited time that the special councilor was expected to testify, which would have shut off about half of the panel from asking questions from Mueller.
  Dems trying to navigate Mueller landmines

Presidency chairman Jerry Nadler's spokesman Daniel Schwarz said: "" Right now we are still planning to get our hearing on the 17th and we will announce if it changes. "

On Friday morning, the Judiciary Committee took an abnormally brief recess from a hearing on the Mueller report so members can be informed of the discussions.

This story has been updated with further developments Friday.

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