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RNC restricts conference when participation in Florida coronavirus falls

Top party officials met with Trump on Monday night to hash out plans for the Jacksonville event. While the Democrats have decided to keep their convention practically, the president has insisted on holding his congress in person despite concerns about the pandemic.

The president’s team is also beginning to map out exactly what the conference will look like. Tony Sayegh, a former Treasury official who also helped lead the White House defense policy makers, continues to help program the convention. Sayegh will volunteer.

Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, will also take on a broader role in shaping the convention. Two prominent West Wing assistants, Stephen Miller and Hope Hicks, will also play a role.

While conference planning usually takes place over two years, Republicans have only two months to organize the event in Florida and raise tens of millions of dollars. Jeff Miller, a top Republican fundraiser, has been dropped off to help raise money for the event.

Party officials say they remain flexible in deciding how to proceed. In the letter, McDaniel writes that evening programming will take place every night with a mix of “indoor and outdoor venues.”


Republicans expect the president to deliver his acceptance speech outdoors, but those plans have not been finalized, party officials said.

McDaniel’s letter also states that the party plans to “implement various health protocols”, including temperature checks, coronavirus testing and decontamination.

“I want to reiterate that RNC works around the clock to ensure that the celebration in Jacksonville is still an exciting, premier event,” McDaniel wrote.

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