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RJ Barrett reveals the personal reason he wants to be a Knick

For weeks Duke Duke RJ Barrett has said he hopes to play for Knicks. On the threshold of the NBA draft, he explained another reason why.

"That would mean a lot," Barrett said during Wednesday's press conference. "My late grandfather, resting in peace, he was the biggest Knicks tab. He always told me to play for the Knicks. So that would mean a lot to me for the team. & # 39; & # 39;

Although he is a Canadian, Barrett's mother, Kesha, comes from Brooklyn, his father, Rowan, played for St. John's and he visited relatives in Brooklyn and called New York "as home".

Barrett also refused To train for Memphis, who picks second place in front of Knicks.Grizzlies have gone on, as a source confirmed Wednesday, they were handling point guard Mike Conley to Utah to open a seat for Murray State Point Guard Ja Morant and leave Barrett to fall Knicks

Knicks had Morant higher on their board than Barrett, but will gladly take the left 6-foot-7 swingman sniper from Duke.The only wild card is if Knicks gets a huge offer to shop back a hack. Vanderbilt point guard Darius Garlan d is on his radar after his training Wednesday. Still, they are expected to play it safely, stop and choose Barrett # 3 according to a source.

"My agent and I and my parents, we decided not to [work out for Memphis] & # 39; & # 39; Barrett said." Not really something wrong with Memphis. New York is just more where I wanted to be. "

Knicks love the fact that he wants to shine in the garden." "It would be good," Barrett said. "I once played there [in December against Texas Tech]. And it was such a crazy environment. The lights are really bright there. Everything is good there. & # 39; & # 39;

Without a playoff chamber for six straight seasons and no guarantee that they will beat it rich in free agency, Barrett knows that it will not be easy to join a 1

7-65 squad. He mentioned free agent Kevin Durant was "a friend". "Barrett said he saw a Durant video from two years ago, where the injured warrior star gave a glowing scouting report on Barrett's high school."

"I feel such a challenge as I am willing to accept," Barrett said, reconsidering the franchise. "If Knicks picks me, you give everything you have every game and work with my butt and put them on the winning track."

"I have all the goals you might be dreaming of. This year's Rookie, NBA champion, MVP. I want a Larry O&B trophy. I want to be a Hall of Famer, all you can dream about. "

Barrett seemed relaxed during a 25-minute media session, comfortable in his own skin. While Morant played it straight and said he will be happy somewhere, Barrett has been brash and bold.

"I'm not ashamed," Barrett said. "I'm not scared or worried. If it doesn't work then I won't cry about it."

Barrett admitted that it could be tears when his name is called.

"I will be happy to cross the stage, shake the commissioner's hand," Barrett said. "I tell everyone this. You've never seen me cry, but I'm crying. I'll be very emotional."

Some players would fear playing under the microscope in New York, but he said it's not a problem .

"It's just the media," Barrett says. "I am fine with it. I have handled lots of media and I know the New York media [is] differently, surely. But I'm smart, it's fine. I'll be fine."

His mother told me him to grow up in New York and she has "great memories". But they have not addressed the idea of ​​being Knick because she is too nervous.

At his Knicks training last week, Allonzo Trier and John Jenkins were on hand. Barrett said he is friends with Trier, who hosted a recruiting visit to Arizona.

When it comes to meeting David Fizdale, Barrett said, "He's just such a cool guy. I liked him. Training was great. Fizdale is a good guy. Good coach. Everyone loves him. So I think it went well . "

Barrett spent part of his childhood in Europe because of his father's professional basketball career and speaks French.

"I feel I grow up in Europe, have different experiences I can talk to someone in this room," Barrett said. "I am always comfortable in all situations and it helps me in court. I never feel in place."

Playing in New Orleans, he said, it would also be good to reunite with likely No. 1 pick and Duke teammate Zion Williamson and called him "my best friend".

Barrett has become famous for never showing jealousy.

"When my brother does good, why should I become jealous?" Barrett said. "Why should I get angry? There was no need. Everyone is trying to sit here as I did not kill. We both did well."

Memphis was softened at Morant after he had surgery last month. But Morant said on Wednesday that he was back on the court in a week and will play summer in July.

"I'm not injured," says Morant.

Barrett did not want to be on Beale Street – just Broadway. happen officially Thursday.

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