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Riverdale says goodbye to Fred Andrews and Luke Perry

It was about as devastating as we imagined it would be.

Riverdale took a break from the serial killers and cults and said goodbye to Luke Perry and Fred Andrews in the season four premiere, and tears were flowing on both sides of the screen.

After we received an update on how the summer had gone for Riverdale residents, we learned that Veronica and Pop sponsored the July 4 parade, and she and her friends were working on a giant milkshake float.

They took a break for breakfast at Pop's, and it was when Archie got the phone call that his dad had died. Later we learned that Fred had been on his way back to Riverdale when he saw a woman ( Shannen Doherty ) stranded on the side of the road with a stopped car. He stopped to help and then drove her out of the way when another car rushed down the road and met Fred.

His body was taken care of by a funeral home in another city, and would be stuck there until July 4 until Archie realized he had to pick up his dad.

Reggie's family car and went to Cherry Creek with Jughead, Betty and Veronica to fetch Fred. While he was there, he learned that a man had admitted hit and run and immediately made the Archie decision to go to the guy to confront him.

But then he learned that it was actually the man's son, who did not even have a license, who had driven the car, and his father had been blamed.

The group picked up Fred's truck, where it was still parked, and while they were there, met Shannen Doherty, who explained what had happened and asked the children to pray with her.

That was, to us at least, where the tears really hit, and then they never let up.

When the lift, which was driven by Archie and Veronica, and the truck, which was driven by Betty and Jughead, returned to the city, Sheriff FP met them in his police car and offered a police license.

In town, they discovered that Cherade with parade haters had reorganized the parade into a welcoming home for Fred.

We then saw Fred's funeral ̵

1; sort of through our tears – where Archie was telling a story about how he can't wait to show his children all parts of the city his dad built and how he remembered a fourth in July when the fireworks show rained out, so Fred bought a bunch of fireworks to go in the garden. So of course that's what the whole group did later, in the garden.

We also saw Jughead write Fred's dictionary, which was read and cried by Hermione, Hiram, Pop and even Alice, wherever she was.

After viewing the section, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa explained some of the decision-making behind the tribute.

How they decided on how to deal with death:

"Very early on, we landed on the idea that Fred would have a heroic death, and that it would have an impact on Archie. And it felt like it was a way Fred could have gone. After that, we really said that this episode really wasn't going to launch any huge stories for the season; it would really be focused on that and the kind of emotional effects that passed for everyone.

When we worked on the section [we] we talked about putting in some other stories, but when we worked on it, we just kept focusing it on our characters and really focusing it on Archie. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of episodes on TV, and one of my favorites, is the Friday Night Lights episode where the football player's father dies, called "The Son." And we just wanted to tell a very grounded, true story. "

How Shannen Doher because it fit in:

"During seasons, Luke and I had talked a lot about trying to get Shannen on the show. And you know, the timing never worked, or it was never quite right. She did this, or not available, or it didn't feel right. And as we worked on the episode, we know there would be some characters outside of our role of characters that would be involved. We thought that rather than having another actor play it, we thought it would be nice if there was someone he really cared about in real life. And he cared so deeply about Shannen. That's how we came to it … it resonates with Fred, it also resonates with Luke, and Shannen speaks to it. And I think he really wanted to be part of it, from when we first talked to her about it. "

How Archie will try to live up to Fred's legacy:

" Fred casts a long shadow. He has always been our kind of moral center. We often describe him as the good parent in Riverdale and best influence on Archie. In a noir, criminal world, which is what Riverdale is, he has dignity and honor and really good values. And Archie does too. But we have seen Archie for three years looking to see what kind of man he will become and what he will do, and I think that in the end, trying to do what his father did, which was to help his community, to help their city, helping their friends make the right choice. And Archie wants to live up to it. I think he always wanted to follow in Fred's footsteps, but now feels that burden even more. But Archie will still be Archie, and I think he will fight with grief and fight with how to live up to Fred's memory. "

On a season four without Fred's death:

" At a certain point in the season ended, you start talking about laying the groundwork for the next season, and I think when Luke passed, it was still before we really had got into deep brainstorming about what season four would look like. I feel like when this happened, it suggested a way for Archie to grow up a little faster than he should have, and give senior year this almost like a melancholy feeling.

Although I think the idea of ​​Archie – I think he says at the end of season three when he tells Monroe, "I think we should turn this place [the prison] into a community center," I think it was something we also talked about early. "

On flashbacks by Fred:

" It happened that the two flashbacks were in the garage where Archie was going. I will say that I vividly remember from season one that it is in the third episode of season one where Fred is soundproofing the garage. And that's a really simple story, right? Dad says you make too much noise, son says, I want to play my music, loving father sound insulates the garage. And I remember when we did that episode, Luke called me and said, I love that Fred does this to Archie. Something I should have done for my son.

And it's like there's so much Baroque story on Riverdale and there was such truth and simplicity to the story that it was nice that there was one thing we could go back to. "

Other Kids:

We will see Betty explore her grief more, too, though the death of Hal / Black Hood is worlds away from Fred's death. Her loss, however, will play as a" soft echo "to what Archie has to do with.

Molly Ringwald holds on and has some stories of her own, although she" is not really aware of what a rough town Riverdale is, "so the show has fun with her naivety. there's a Thanksgiving episode that gives mom and son a chance to mourn together.

"There's typically madness going on, but I think there's a real, real emotional core there, too," Aguirre-Sacasa said. [19659002] We see Cheryl being there for Archie in an unexpected way, as she is "uniquely equipped" to help Archie through his grief, even though she has to deal with her own by talking to her brother's corpse.

Section Three is "as crazy as we have become" and means up Although we have at least seen that Alice is alive and well, which was included because it felt "so important" to make sure that Madchen Amick had a moment in Luke's tribute episode. We will see more of her in section two, which will be up in September, next week.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at. 20 on CW.

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