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RIP Echo Look, another Amazon device that I never even knew existed until today

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Less than three years after that debut, Amazon has banished its style-centric Echo Look unit to the Goodwill Pile. Company stopped selling actual units back in December 2019, but the company said this week that it would officially release support for the unit in July. According to CNET (and first discovered by Voicebot.ai), emails began to go out to Echo Look customers yesterday and notified them of the change and that its capacity would migrate to other apps and services.

$ 200 The Echo Look was an unusual Echo device. the Used built-in camera for taking photos of you in different clothes and then store these images in a personal “look” database. Amazon would use an artificial intelligent intelligent algorithm to offer clothing suggestions that matched your personal style – recommendations that you would buy on Amazon, of course. Echo Look also expected your clothes like Joan Rivers the morning after the Academy Awards. From the images taken by Echo Look, you can choose two different outfit options for AI (and Amazon’s internal fashion experts) to compare side by side with the device would tell you which one looked better on you.

Both would take into account color, fit, trends and the style of the time. I never got to try Echo Look myself and wasn’t even aware of itexistence until today, but good pay. There are so many different types of fashion, and it’s all subjective. Echo Look was just a kitschy way to get people to spend $ 200 on one product so Amazon could sell them more products. But after July, these people will have an expensive paper failure. Amazon said it wanted people to do it Stop buying so much stuff of their website, after all.

The idea itself is great, and I could see it working if it was implemented more like the closet software from clueless. But I do most of my shopping at alternative clothing stores online, Etsy or sometimes a personal styling service like Stitch Fix, if I feel lazy and don’t want to hunt for a pair of pants that won’t last me too long. Amazon would probably get tired of recommending me to everyone –black clothes, in all cases.

If you have an Echo Look and want to recycle it, Amazon asks its customers to do so through their own device recycling program. You also have until July 2020 to save any of your photos if you want. Amazon says it will provide a free photo account for users who want to save their photos through July 24, 2021. (There is an Amazon photo ?! What doesn’t Amazon have ?!)

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