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Review: "Avengers" get an incomplete

World Warning Events are young things in the Avengers: Infinity War, the first part of a two-part sequel to The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The whole universe is under attack from


an endless villainous villain who sports a multicleft, prognathous chin. Universe-shaking throwdowns succeed with each other with really stupefying regularity as Avengers and their Guardians of the Galaxy Allies turn up to the challenge. But moments touching the heart are few and far from in this almost culmination of a decade of Marvel Comics films. The final, which is scheduled for release in May 201

9, may well bring the adventure into suitable grand fruition. What's on the screen now, however, is boarding for events that come, a superhero's power, an abundance of undifferentiated superpowers, and an end that's more exciting than before.

If you stop thinking about it – Though the infinite pace of the endless war does not give you much time to think of something – Marvel has populated this image with a remarkable amount of characters who have already made their multiplex marks. After Thanos, impressive at fourteen meters high and eloquently expressed by

Josh Brolin,

The list of return includes

Chris Hemsworth

like Thor;

Robert Downey Jr.

like Tony Stark /

Iron Man


Chris Evans

like Steve Rogers / ex-Captain America;

Chadwick Boseman

like T & # 39; Challa / Black Panther (who got a bowl from my previewer, thanks to the latest triumph of the "Black Panther" movie);

Chris Pratt

like Peter Quill / Star-Lord;

Mark Ruffalo

like Bruce Banner / Hulk;

Tom Holland

like Peter Parker / Spider-Man;

Zoe Saldana

like Gamora; and

Benedict Cumberbatch

as a doctor strange. And it's only the stars on the gang. Smaller light shines almost as bright.

Elizabeth Olsens

Wanda Maximov / Scarlett Witch has a tangible tragic experience, and good reason for it under its current circumstances.

However, this diversity, plus a comparable density of event war after battle after battle, leads to narrative epic scale sprawl. The story, which surrounds the universe, is solely associated with the villain's determination to acquire all six Infinity Stones or glowing keys to the cosmic realm. (Thanos seems to be driven by the conviction that, unlike Marvel Comics Universe, the common universe has limited resources and must be saved from itself through its murderous treaty.)

When the story begins –

Anthony Russo


Joe Russo

directed from a script of

Christopher Markus


Stephen McFeely

– The avengers are in disarray. (It's news to Bruce, who is confused by the idea that the group broke up. "As a band?" He asks. "Like Beatles?") Iron Man has been on outs with Captain America, but the threat from Thanos is so good that Tony decides to use Steven's help and call him on his little flip-phone.

Flip is one of the film's two main modes, the other is full drilling speed. "Infinity War" is often very fun, in a self-weakening friend and not only thanks to Mr. Downey, who can laugh at a conjunction, or Mr. Pratt, who charms with a raised eyebrow. Bruce sweats and tribes, to no avail first as he tries to transform into Hulk. Spidey, the new boy on the block (played by Mr Holland, the new actor in the role), turns into Thanos donut shaped spacecraft, with an inner ring rotating like the magnitude of a giant MRI, saying it smells like a new car . "I am a doctor

Steven Strange,

"Announces Doctor Strange, who makes a theater recording worthy of a stage wizard in a ring of fire in New York's Central Park. (His sensitivity is witty for a while and then wears thin.)

Between humor and action sequences – the best of the latter means sound-like battle in Washington Square Park – the movie finds time for real feelings, not just many of them. The most noticeable encounter gives Gamora with Thanos, who grew her; The most exciting moment comes when Thor, who had been without hammer Chris Hemsworth may not be the world's greatest actor, but he is invincible. There are shocking deaths reported, but it's really not here, and especially because you can never be sure if those who have died will be be dead from one chapter to another.

Of all developments in "Infinity War" is really amazing, incredibly moving and so crucial to the climax that t can not be revealed. I'm just saying it raises all that might happen next time, which is exactly what climate change should do. Regarding everything that happens this time, it is a function or malfunction of the sequencer's two-part structure. The problem is penultimate, too much setting and too small dividend. The solution will probably be around the same time next year.

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