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Resident Evil Spin-Off Project Resistance May Break Some Hearts

Capcom's been raining down the hype for its Resident Evil-themed multiplayer spin-off Project Resistance, but it looks like a need for an Umbrella. While the forecast was uncertain when the Japanese publisher released the title earlier this month, its Tokyo Game Show 2019 blowout is sure to (out) break a few hearts – namely because it's not a third installment in the cult Outbreak sub-series. [19659002] This bemusing asymmetrical multiplayer experience ̵

1; which is being developed in collaboration with Taiwanese NeoBards team – is less Dead by Daylight and more Deception IV. While four players will assume the role of hapless survivors, one Mastermind will be tasked with using security cameras in order to track his prey and lay traps.

 Project Resistance PS4 PlayStation 4 2  Project Resistance PS4 PlayStation 4 3 [19659005] According to the press release, you'll be pulling cards in order to summon obstacles, and that's already sent our microtransaction alarm into overdrive. You will be able to directly control zombies and even step into the trench coat of the Tyrant, but no word on how those sequences will play out. Survivors, meanwhile, will each have access to unique skills. </p>
<p> A closed beta for PlayStation 4 owners will run from October 4th through October 7th, and you can learn more about how to register through here. In the meantime, have a browse of the screenshots, which are all running on the otherwise excellent RE Engine. Looking rough, huh? Let's hope our first impressions are out of sync. </p>
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