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Researchers only discovered that drinking coffee makes something absolutely amazing for your body

I've been writing about the science of coffee over and over in recent years. For centuries, people thought that coffee was a health hazard during the popular about a misguided logic that everything that makes you feel so good must also be bad for you.

In short, coffee is a superfood. But we didn't really know how super up to this week when researchers at the University of Nottingham conducted a series of tests to discover how coffee reacts and affects body fat.

Fast background. Your body has two types of fat: 1) white fat tissue (WAT) and 2) brown fat tissue (BAT).

WAT stores energy so you can survive famine. Your body can store large amounts of WAT, making people (literally) look fat.

BAT moderates your body chemistry to keep you healthy. It improves the body's ability to handle blood sugar, increases bone health and density, helps build joint muscle mass, increases longevity and helps you burn WAT more effectively.

Problems with BAT are 1

) Adult people do not have much of it (children have a lot) and 2) BAT only works when it is activated. Until recently, the only known ways to activate BAT are regular exercise and (strange) are regularly exposed to cold temperatures.

Now, according to groundbreaking research conducted at the University of Nottingham, coffee (but not water) drinks BAT. To quote the study:

Caffeine consumption has been associated with loss of body weight and increased energy consumption … Drinking coffee (but not water) stimulated the temperature of the supra-vaginal region, which co-locates in the main area of ​​BAT in adult humans, and is indicative of thermogenesis. These results show that caffeine can promote BAT function in thermonutrality and can have the potential to be used therapeutically in adult humans.

In other words, coffee heats up your BAT, which makes your body more efficient WAT to energy more efficiently. Or put even easier: Coffee burns burn fat.

Needless to say, to get health benefits from coffee, you have to drink it without sugar, creamer, syrup and flavoring that people use to cover up probably "bitter" taste of coffee. Some Starbucks preparations have as much fat and sugar as a bacon and cheese burger.

So I let in on a health protection: When you prepared the right way (freshly baked, freshly baked, drunk in Pyrex) The coffee is a bit sweet and not least bitter. Plus, when you don't spoil coffee by adding extra garbage, you can taste all the overtones that make every kind of coffee subtly different.

Even when I write this, I drink coffee that I have prepared correctly. I guarantee you, it's pretty smooth and not at all bitter. This particular variety (it is from Sumatra) has a taste of a chocolate flavor to it.

Here's the good news!

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