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Researchers have determined to depend on the sound of age

Unlike adults, children are susceptible to hearing illusions. It was drafted by researchers in Nottingham, England.

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To do this, an experiment was performed: The participants were divided into groups of 3-6, 7-9, 10-12 and about 20 people were ages 20 to 35 years. All subjects played the popular game Spot the Sound. On the screen, people expressed a syllable and soundtrack reproduced by the other (the sounds "ga", "ba", "da").

In the experiment, researchers found that children up to 1

0 years completely trust my hearing. This fact was founded in 1976, a researcher named Mcgurk. He stated that for 10 years the child starts associating sound and image, as he sees. With age, the impact of visual images becomes stronger. The older the person becomes, the greater the dependence on the sound of what I have seen. It happened during the experiment. A group of adults could hear a voice and express another and played third.

Thus, once again, researchers have convinced that in adults, and especially older people, the possibility of sound illusions increases dramatically. The conclusion that one should not react too strongly to your elderly loved ones who do not fully understand what you are telling them. And on the other hand, developing fantasy in children needs from an early age. This will help them in the future not to listen and to hear.

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