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Republicans use potentially lethal drug hydroxychloroquine as Trump bait

President Donald Trump’s decision to tell the world that he took hydroxychloroquine during the coronavirus pandemic triggered the kind of anxiety and backlash one would expect for a treatment that packs the chance of getting deadly side effects.

But the medical concerns were not as troublesome for some long-shot Republican congressional candidates, who seize the opportunity to use Trump’s embrace of the drug for himself as a way to show his allegiance to the president.

“.@realDonaldTrump Taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus is a kick-ass move that proves why he is the bravest and strongest of all US presidents, “James P. Bradley, a Republican U.S. House candidate in California, Tweeted.

“You have to be extremely naive to think that none of these Democrats are knocking @POTUS also takes hydroxychloroquine as a preventative, ” Errol Webber, a California GOP congressional candidate, tweeted after Trump proclaimed taking the drug.

In an interview, Lauren Boebert, a Republican congressional candidate in Colorado on the right of GOP incumbent Scott Tipton, criticized those who were quick to oppose the treatment.

“With the way the media hates President Trump, if taking hydroxychloroquine was really bad for him, they would encourage it rather than have a soot,” Boebert tweeted on May 20.

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