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Report: The flasks deal with Jon Leuer for Tony Snell, the first round


The pistons just got a swinging wing for the next two years to the cost of … a player who was completely out of his rotation. Oh, and Bucks threw the pistons first round picking in tomorrow's NBA draft.

This is exactly the type of trade you would have written when thinking about the potential uses of Detroit's outgoing contract – a law that wants to clear the books that are chasing outgoing money, as Detroit has. Just as this story USUELT went, the pistons would have to hand over an asset, as Jon Leuer was purely dead. Instead, the pistons received a first round of selections. For Jon Leuer.

I am … astonished.

Milwaukee makes this trade to clear the payroll to sign his own players and stay out of the luxury tax:

It's something justifiable – they won 60 games most of the time without the help of Tony Snell. But this trade deals with Leuer and Snell as equally dead money. That … shouldn't be the case.

Snell fell in favor of Milwaukee, but he has shot 39+ percent from three each of the last three seasons and plays a position of desperate need for the pistons. Leuer, on the other hand, was a literal game maker among Piston's fans about his perimeter distance shortage, and he played less than 500 minutes for a team whose backup power was Stanley Johnson and Thon Maker for most of the year.

Perhaps Milwaukee deviates and extends his salary (as DBB has previously spoken of) to get even further away from the payroll, but in that case they gave away a first round and a potential spin player to save $ 10 million off the cover 2019 -20.

I'm still stunned. And I'm not alone: ​​

So, huh, yes. Wing is no longer a desperate need for the pistons – does the plan change to 15? What do the pistons do with the final in the first round? Could they try packing 15 and 30 to move up even higher in the draft?

What do you say, DBB?

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