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Report says Apple will reveal new game service soon, but it's different

One of the great messages Apple could make during its revealing event on Monday is a new video game service. According to Bloomberg, Apple creates a "premium games subscription" service for the App Store. Unlike the recently announced Google Stages, or PlayStation Now and Microsoft's xCloud, Apple's service is not cloud-based.

Instead, it will focus on iPhones and iPads and bundles together paid games from different developers that consumers can access the monthly fee, "Reported Bloomberg.

One source said Apple will pay developers based on how much time users spend playing their title, the report goes on to claim that the service would only include paid games, not free to play titles, report also says the service may not be announced on Monday, but instead during its developer conference in June. would be exciting, just as it is before E3.

According to analyst Serkan Toto, this type of package offer is already available in Japan and he also points out that if free to play games is really excluded, Nintendo's upcoming Mario Kart Tour would not be As you may remember, Apple collaborated with Nintendo in a great way to market and market h let go see the free game Mario game Super Mario Run.

Go to Bloomberg to get the full story.

A previous report suggested that March 25, the Apple News Conference will include the formal disclosure of Apple's plans for its own Netflix-style TV streaming service. Everything will be clear soon.

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