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Report: Bills & AJ McCarron did not break the crotch, expected to return to workout soon

AJ McCarron's quest to catch the accounting start-up job hit a Friday night, but the injury was not as great as it initially seemed.

McCarron, who started the bill's second preseason game against Browns, received not only a bad performance before the first round of rookie Josh Allen took over in the second quarter and left an impressive audition for the job . The former Bengal also suffered a shoulder injury, the team announced during the game. Later on Friday night, Vic Carucci reported Buffalo News that the injury was a haircut fracture on the collar.

But on Monday, ESPN's Adam Schefter gave a more optimistic point of view. According to Schefter, tests showed that McCarron did not break his crotch and he is expected to return to workout soon.

With that, it seems that McCarron is unlikely to win the start job. Allen and second quarterback Nathan Peterman seems to be favored. After the book's opening season, the battle seemed to be between Peterman and McCarron – and it was Peterman who looked most impressive over time. But Friday night has dramatically changed the race.

Not because of McCarron's injury. Because of Allen's achievement.

After McCarron went 3 out of 6 for 12 meters, Allen dazzled with both his arm and his footwork, 9 by 13 for 60 meters, a touchdown and a 104.6 pass grade.

As a result, Allen will now start Bill's next preseason game giving him a legitimate opportunity to win the start job.

McCarron, 27, was taken by Bengals in the fifth round of the 2014 draft. Over four seasons he started three matches and made 11 overall appearance, completed 64.7 percent of his 920 meter pass, six touchdowns, two picks and a 93.6 pass grade. In a final game, he only started 56.1 percent of his passport for 212 meters, a touchdown, a pick and a 68.3 pass grade.

However, he has drawn interest over the years as a potential start quarterback. At the end of the season, Brown's trade was trying for him, but a paperwork snafu rejected the deal.

Ten months later, his first real opportunity to win a starting job ends with Browns due to poor performance and an injury that can prevent him from taking valuable representatives in the near future, giving Allen the opening he needs

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