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Report: Apple still sees Intel Intel's Modem Business

SAN FRANCISCO – A report that Apple is talking about acquiring part of Intel's modem chip business is likely to skip speculation that Apple is laying the groundwork for designing its own fashion scheme for use in its iPhones and other cellular products. connection.

A report from the Tuesday of Information, a technical news site, indicates that Apple remains in conversation to buy the part of Intel's modem company based in Germany. German operations account for most of the modem business acquired by Intel from Infineon Technologies for $ 1.4 billion in 2011.

Apple, Q&A Deal Leaves Open Questions

Wall Street Journal reported in April that Apple was in talks to buy Intel's 5G modem business after Apple and Qualcomm reached an agreement to resolve all processes between them.

Apple believed to be the only customer for Intel's delayed 5G modem, and Intel announced it intended to leave the business just after Apple and Qualcomm buried the door.

Tuesday's Report indicates that Apple may still proceed with the goal of acquiring a certain portion of the business.

It is widely thought that Apple has considered an attempt to add integrated cell modems to its A-series application processors. Such a move would be consistent with the types of chips most used by their PDAs, which have integrated modem processors.

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Apple's relationship with the long-term supplier Qualcomm went sour two years ago because of allegations of excessive royalties and unfair business practices. In the April agreement between the two companies, an unwritten payment from Apple to Qualcomm was in exchange for a six-year license to Qualcomm's patent and an option for a two-year extension. The two companies also announced a multi-year chip delivery agreement at that time.

In February, during Apple-Qualcomm's disputes, Apple actively commissioned cell-modem design engineers in San Diego, where Qualcomm is headquartered. It was widely believed at that time that Apple was looking to rent mobile designers in an effort to add integrated cell modems to their A processors.

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