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Relative to a mother massacred in Mexico says killer cartels thrive on US demand

"I think the United States is the reason why Mexico has drug cartels because they are the largest consumers," LeBaron told CNN a Espanol on Friday before families buried more of the dead.

She said the problem wasn't all Americans, but there were enough people buying drugs to keep organized crime in Mexico busy.

LeBaron said that American citizens must step up and do things to reduce the demand for drugs that destroy families. But she also pointed to the Mexican government, saying that the judiciary there is not doing enough to get the cartels right.

Six children and three women were shot and killed Monday on a remote dirt road in Sonora, a relative of the attack and other members of the community believe were aimed at the convoy of three vehicles.

Mexican authorities have said they believe a criminal group is responsible.

Like LeBaron, Lenzo Widmar was a cousin to Rhonita Miller, who died. He told CNN a Espanol that if Mexico can't handle its problems, it should accept US financial aid ̵

1; but change must come from within.

"I don't think our government can solve this problem, he said." I think this is a problem that the Mexican people must solve. "

He said that Mexicans must go out and preach about non-violence

  The Mormon Massacre in Mexico hits home

"But if there is a war going on, we must be soldiers, and we must have a time and a place for everything," he added. [19659002] He said that Mexican society must heal, he said criminals have no value to human life, and that it must change.

The convoy of three ambush vehicles was exhibited on Monday from the La Mora settlement in Sonora, which Founded decades ago by fundamentalists associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the victims lived there, many were native to Mexico, with dual American-Mexican citizenship, and for some their ancestors came to the area in the 1880s. [1 9659014] A LDS church spokesman said the victims were not members.

LeBaron and Widmar told each of the community members not to leave. [19659002] "This is our country," LeBaron said. She said they want to raise children there in a small society where people have the same value system.

Widmar said that the roots are well established in their town of La Mora.

"We die before we leave," he said. "This is our identity. Leaving would lose our identity."

He said that society has come together and become stronger after the killings.

CN San's Ray Sanchez, Jackie Castillo and Gonzalo Alvarado contributed to this report.

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