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ReGen CBD Protein Powder Review

I'm not a fan of tomorrow at all, so I'm always a game of something that can help make my day's start less painful. Although I usually save my cannabis use for evenings and weekends, I was open to the idea of ​​kicking the working week with some CBD because it is non-psychoactive. When I recently had the opportunity to try out WillPower Products's new protein-based protein powder, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I felt before my day even started.

ReGenPCR, the first protein for industrial hemp dietary supplement, contains 20 grams of lawned whey, 20 milligrams of CBD and six grams of BCAAs. I tried both their vanilla and cinnamon flavors on two separate occasions, and I appreciated how no one tasted of weeds. I found the vanilla packet too sweet to enjoy (and I have a sweet tooth) after mixing it in my smoothie of berries, banana and milk. But about 15 minutes and halfway in my smoothie later I started to feel the calming effects of CBD. For anyone who does not know the benefits of the natural and legal cannabinoids, it is especially good to fight symptoms of anxiety.

As someone who does not have anxiety and someone who is an experienced stoner, I was skeptical if this product would do anything for me. But I loved how my body felt less stressed and how confident I felt everywhere when I got to the office. The cinnamon-cocoa flavor was also significantly better tasting and produced the same calming experience as vanilla. On both mornings when I got to work I noticed an improvement of my mental clarity – a side effect I did not expect at all. However, I wish the effects were a little longer lasting, as the CBD broke down at 11.00.

I really liked how ReGenPCR powders helped me start my day on my right foot. And even if I stick to the chocolate, I think this is a great way to bring cannabis into your wellness routine. WillProducts is currently conducting a crowd fundraising campaign for its ReGen protein powder, where you can buy a $ 65 bill.

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