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Red Sox Notes: Alex Cora sends a simple message to Joe Kelly after a rough trip Boston Red Sox

Twenty days. As long as Boston Red Sox has to solve its bullpen problems.

Boston's inaccurate eighth innings bridge to closer to Craig Kimbrel struck again on Thursday. The Sox went into the 3-1 lead over Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park, but left hand Bobby Poyner gave a solo home run to Lourdes Gurriel Jr. to cut the wire to one and then collapsed bridge.

Chef Alex Cora chose to go to Joe Kelly with two outs, but the right hand man had one of his worst excursions in quite some time. Kelly came in and issued a walk to Justin Smoak, gave up a single to Kendrys Morales and beat Randal Grichuk with a pitch to load the bases. Kelly then beat Kevin Pillar to force in a run to tie the match to three before being pulled for Brandon Workman.

Kelly just threw 5 of 1

5 places for strike.

The employee came in and knocked out Brandon McKinney to keep the game tied. The red sox rallied to win 4-3 with Kimbrel working a perfect ninth for rescue, but the Boston Bullpen issues will continue to be a topic of conversation like playoffs close.

Cora, for one, is not worried, but he knows the team needs more from the bull pen, especially Kelly.

"I mean, (Kelly) did not perform tonight. He has been good lately, but today he was not," said Cora, who is seen at NESN's Red Sox mail game. "You know, he needs to be better, he needs get better and he knows it Today, it was not a good night for him, but we trust the guy. There are two outs in the eighth, we expect him to go out and get out. But he did not do it today, but if we have a situation tomorrow where we can bring him as if it were the same scenario, we'll take him in. "

With Matt Barnes currently sidelined with hip inflammation, Red Sox's late innings relieves look increasingly questionable as the playoffs nearby. Over the past 14 days, Tyler Thornburg (6.75 ERA), Kelly (8.31), Heath Hembree (3.86) and Ryan Braiser (3.38) all had their share of battle, with Kelly being the most thoughtful.

The Sox won its 101th racing season on Thursday, but if they are to achieve their main purpose, they need members of the bull bone, namely Kelly, to get up and help Kimbrel and a hopefully healthy Barnes in October.

Here are more notes from Red Sox-Blue Jays:

– Eduardo Nunez left Thursday's game with the right knee tenderness. Cora noted after the match that he did not think it was serious, but the infieler may not play in the weekend series against New York Mets. Nunez tweaked his knee in the second inning when he could not decide if to slip into the first base or run through the bag.

– J.D. Martinez launched his 41st home run of the season Thursday. He must beat two more home runs to set the franchise record for most home runs in a player's first season with Red Sox.

– Eduardo Rodriguez turned into a star start against Jays, driving five matches and knocking out seven in six runs. He threw only 78 places, but Cora noted that it was part of the team's plan.

"It was more about taking care of him," said Cora. "You know, this is the third start of DL, of course he had the rehab started, but I felt that sex was good. The way he threw the ball in the sixth inning was good enough for me. I told him I said, "Hi man, you did an outstanding job, just keep getting better. This is about the plan we have right now. & # 39; "
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