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Real-time Syrian refugee game bury me, my love is now on switch and you should play it

In recent years, there have been some mobile games that use the mobile phone interface itself as a way to play.

There are boy flirt extravaganza Mystic Messenger taking place in an instant messaging profile. You can try to unlock a stranger's phone in A Normal Lost Phone and go through the emails, texts and pictures of the same stranger to figure out his story. Perhaps you have played Lifeline where you are in contact with a lost astronaut, stranded Matt Damon style on an inexhaustible planet. This latter actually had Apple Watch functionality, so you can pretend to be a cool secret agent.

Then, Bury Me, My Love has a game about a Syrian immigrant named Nour who tries to find a better life in Europe, as said by the texts between her and her husband. Originally released at the end of 2017, Bury Me, My Love is based on true stories – the most prominent story of Dana, featured in a piece of Le Monde journalist Lucie Soullier, "The Journey of a Syrian immigrant through her Whatsapp thread. "

The title Bury me, My Love is an Arabic expression. "[It] means" Be careful ", reads the developer's website." Don't even think about dying before I do it. " You might say this to a loved one before you go in different ways. "

Throughout the game you play as Majd, refugee Nour's husband. Messages will appear on your phone in" pseudo real-time ", and most will task you to help Nour make decisions. Should she stop and wait? She's going to risk being discovered? Should she take the boat? The truck? Should she cross the borders that threaten to send her back?

She won't always listen to you, she won't even tell you everything. Majdis end you do not always have all the answers.

Bury me, my love came out on the Nintendo Switch on January 10 and even though I think the phone interface is definitely the best way to play it, because it adds to the realistic storytelling technique, I think you should play this game in some way you can.

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