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Ravens vs Bengals 2018: Cincinnati wins Thursday night football tilt, 34-23

Cincinnati Bengals is at the top of AFC North after battling Baltimore Ravens in a very hot Thursday night football match, 34-23. Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco sometimes fought, but Dalton had a much better game, with four touchdowns and no picks, while Flacco threw two picks and lost a fumble while throwing two touchdowns.

The Bengals jumped to an early lead when Dalton found AJ Green on three consecutive touchdown passes. The ravens were very slow to start, with Joe Flacco throwing a quick intercept and winning big pieces of yardage due to ticky-tacky pass interference talks. Both Baltimore touchdowns in the first half came after the end zone pass the interference call was made.

The biggest lead in the game was 21

points for Bengals, which was essentially non-existent in the third quarter and barely better in fourth. They put together a field meltdown late in the fourth, a unit that killed several minutes around the clock. It made it an 8-point game with just under three minutes to go. A Flacco fumble effectively sealed the game after Cincinnati kicked a field goal to make it an 11-point game.

Dalton finished finishing 24 of 42 passes for 265 meters and four touchdowns. Green caught five passes for 69 yards and three touchdowns, while Joe Mixon managed 84 yards of rushing. Flacco completed 32 of 55 passes for 376 meters, two touchdowns and two interceptions while losing a fumble.

Below is a live blog from Thursday night, in reverse order.

Bengals 34, Ravens 23, FINAL: Baltimore gets a quick 15 yards after a roughing suits suit. Flacco then throws two incomplete passes, and Dre Kirkpatrick was injured for Bengals. Flacco meets Allen for a 7-yard win, and they have a 4th and 3 in two-minute warning. They convert the fourth down, and then download another first, but the time is down. Flacco goes deep in the end zone, but it is incomplete. Flacco finds Snead for a 9-yard pickup, then Williams to get the first down. They watch it. Short termination, and they clock it again with 8 seconds to go.

Bengals 34, Ravens 23, 2:29, 4Q: Two runs only pick 3 meters for the Bengals, with the burning burning two timeouts in the process. In the 3rd and 7th time, Mixon takes a few meters but does not get the first down. However, he makes it easier for the field goal. The 40-yard attempt is good and Bengals has a lead of 11 points.

Bengals 31, Ravens 23, 2:52, 4Q: Two incomplete passes for Flacco and then he fumbles, and Cincinnati recovers! If they can kill a bell this is done!

Bengals 31, Ravens 23, 3:44, 4Q: Bengals takes the ball back and Mixon is back after being injured. He walks for 6 meters, checking himself out of the game with a noticeable limp. Bengal throw incomplete in third place, but Young is called defensive possession. New set of falls for Cincinnati, and then one after another 12-yard pass to Uzomah. Mixon comes back in and takes up 5 meters, when Green takes up 8 on a pass from Dalton. Then Mixon runs for 21 meters after the reverse direction. They then lose yardage on a pair of running games, but finally make it to the Baltimore 10-yard line, and set a field target chance. It's almost blocked, but it goes through and makes it an 8-point game.

Bengals 28, Ravens 23, 9:35, 4Q: Dalton finds Green for 18 yards, then Eifert for 7 yards. Bernard's driving runs for just 1 farm, and the third quarter comes to an end. On 3rd and 2nd, Dalton throws an incomplete passport to Boyd, wide, wide open to the game. Flacco misses a wide open Boyle over the middle on the first down. He hits Brown for a 17-foot win and a first down, then slays Snead for another first down. He meets Crabtree, and then scrambles for a first-down on a 3rd-and-2. Falcco then finds Brown for a touchdown after a fake start penalty – a 21-yard touchdown. They then go to the two-point conversion to make it a three-point game, but do not get it.

Bengals 28, Ravens 17, 2:00, 3Q: Two games to Bernard go first downs, but the unit stalls from there, just outside the target area. They point, and Ravens will take over on his own 9-yard line. Flacco meets Crabtree for 7 meters, then Boyle for 17 meters. He is almost dismissed of a 2nd defeat, but takes it to Allen, who takes up the first. Flacco gets hit when he throws his next pass, and it is intercepted by Williams!

Bengals 28, Ravens 17, 6:35, 3Q: Ravens takes the ball back and a short pass to Collins goes again for a big win this one for 24 meters. Two short games and an incomplete pass later, and Ravens met a 4th and 2. They leave the crime on the field and go for it. Flacco throws cards to Allen, who can not get far enough. Bengal ball on its own 43-yard line!

Bengals 28, Ravens 17, 9:10 3Q: It's a very short drive to Ravens, but one ending with a Justin Tucker 55-yard field goal, reduce the gap slightly. Cincinnati gets the ball back on its own 24-yard line. Mixon picks up 7 meters on a run, and then gets a pass to Kroft the first down. Young blows up Mixon in the backfield for a loss of 2 yards and a fake start leads to a 3rd-12th. Dalton is almost matched by Humphrey, but Boyd turns it away. Huber points to Baltimore 21-yard-line.

Bengals 28, Ravens 14, 13:44, 3Q: Bengals receive the second half-opening, but they do not get much of it. A pair of incomplete passes and a holding penalty leads to a Bengal point. Baltimore will take over on his own 35-yard line.

Bengals 28, Ravens 14, END 2Q: Ravens gets the ball and takes a quick first down. After two minutes, Flacco Snead hits for a 19-yard win. But two Flacco incomplete passes later, from Cincinnati territory, they go for it on fourth, but Bengals agrees with another Flacco incomplete pass. Three incomplete passes from Dalton followed, leading to a Bengals point, so Ravens gets the ball back at 1:08 left.

Flacco throws a deep ball to Brown and it's nowhere near, and dropped by the Cincinnati defender. Flacco then meets Collins for a short pass, and Collins makes him look good by picking up 22 meters. Then he finds Crabtree for a 17-yard win. Flacco goes deep to Brown in the end zone, but it's well-converted aaaand … another super faint pass interference call on Cincinnati, so Baltimore gets a first down on the 1-yard line. No profit on the track, then an incomplete pass. On the third side, Flacco Andrews finds a touchdown. The extra points make it a 14-point game.

Bengals 28, Ravens 7, 2:58, 2Q: Cincinnati gets back the ball and a quick ticky own 37-yard line. He then finds Boyd for a 22-yard reception to move to Baltimore territory. They then back up a little after an offensive punishment. Then an illegal shift will punish punishment, and they are in the 1st and the goal from the 14-yard line.

Bengals 21, Ravens 7, 8:20, 2Q: Flacco throws incompletely, and then goes a undercover ball to Brown 9 meters. It's a 14-yard touchdown to Boyd for an even bigger Bengals lead. They drive Flacco up in the middle for a first down. They lose 7 meters on a run, but Flacco hits Brown for 45 meters, and Ravens shows some life! They get a boost when Flacco throws incompletely to Andrews, but the officials call Dennard for passport interference, even though it seemed like a faint call. In both cases, Ravens runs with Allen and fetches 1-yard touchdown to get on the table.

Bengals 21, Ravens 0, 13:02 2Q : It was throughout Cincinnati in the opening quarter with the Bengals winning the Ravens 141 meters to 27, while reaching nine first downs to just one for Baltimore. Production jumped in the second quarter when Andy Dalton finished a run with his third touchdown of the night, all to A.J. Green.

Bengals 14, Ravens 0, 6:26, 1Q : False begin to run for Ravens, but a 16-yard reception of Crabtree gives them off first down. Then Flacco was fired for a 11-meter loss, and a 14-yard rush from Collins was not enough to move the pins. An incomplete pass was sealed and Koch pointed for a touchback.

The following Bengals unit contains a quick 29-yard reception for Uzomah, then an 8-yard from Bernard. Then Dalton Green finds again for a touchdown, this for 32 meters. Are the bills sucking so much?

Bengals 7, Ravens 0, 10:35, 1Q: After the Dalton Incomplete, they pick up 4 meters on a Mixon run, and then Dalton tries to go to Eifert in the final zone. It's incomplete, but it's a passing bust on Baltimore, giving Bengals a new set of drops from the 1-yard line. They lose a bit of yardage on a running game, but Dalton finds A.J. Green on the next game for a touchdown. Bengals lead!

Ravens 0, Bengals 0, 12:13, 1Q: Joe Flacco has officially arrived – throw a horrible interception of the following device. No, very terrible. He overshadows his well-received receiver by about 5 meters. Then Andy Dalton came out and threw a choice too, but the game was received and ruled incompletely instead.

Ravens 0, Bengals 0, 12:37 1Q: The first device in the game is a fast, Flacco throw incomplete, then a Collins rush for minus-4 meters and then a bag of Flacco for a 3-and-out. Bengals will take over on their own 31-yard line. The Bengals do not do much better, with a loss of 1 farm followed by a few incompletes. The Bengals are called for tripping and the penalty is rejected – another 3-and-out.

8:20: Our live blog starts with highlights and more shortly after this kicks!

Both Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals made it out of week 1 with winnings, but the former team was much more impressive than the latter. The Bengals will try to avoid the fate of Buffalo Bills when they meet Baltimore at Thursday Night Football starting at 8:20 pm. ET on NFL Network (live streaming via FuboTV NFL ) .

Ravenn destroyed the bills 47-3 with Joe Flacco completing 25 of 34 passes for 236 meters and three touchdowns and the team rushes for 117 total laps. They also twisted two interceptions by Nathan Peterman.

Cincinnati played a much closer game against Indianapolis Colts, but eventually took a comfortable 34-23 victory in week 1. Andy Dalton threw for 243 meters and a pair of touchdowns, but also threw a whistle. Joe Mixon was excellent, with 95 meters and a touchdown of 17 berries.

Last season, AFC North shared rival Bengals and Ravens's season series, losing at home – in Cincinnati in week 1 and in Baltimore in week 17.

  • Time: 8:20 pm ET
  • Location: Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati
  • TV: NFL Network
  • Streaming: FuboTV, NFL
  • Odds : Baltimore opened as 3-point favorites, but some books have this on even money.
  • In the Ravens final injury report, the four players excluded CB Maurice Canady, RB Kenneth Dixon, DT Willie Henry and TE Hayden Hurst, while WR Janarion Grant has been dubbed as doubtful with a hand injury.
  • In view of Dixon, the 2016 fourth round picking has been placed in damaged reserve, possibly ending with Ravens after several injured seasons. The team promoted UDFA The Lance Turner to active roster in a corresponding move.
  • For Bengals, line player Preston Brown is doubtful with an ankle injury. He has played every game in his career so far.
  • The Bengals will have Anthony Munoz, Sam Wyche and more previous players participating in the celebration of their annual Super Bowl anniversary.
  • As the people at Cincy Jungle note Thursday's game is huge for AFC North, with both teams winning in week 1 and the other two in the division turn a tie.
  • People at Baltimore Beatdown published their five key matchups for Thursday's match. At the Cincy Jungle they have their own set of four matchups to watch.

Of the seven experts, week 2 games pick up for SB Nation, six of them believe Ravens will win, with Adam Stites the only stop to go with Cincinnati. The coin flip and OddsShark computer also landed in Baltimore.

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