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Rabid fox attacks children in Dacula

Two children in Dacula were attacked by a rabid fox Tuesday.

Gwinnett Animal Welfare and Enforcement caught the fox the same day. But that department, along with the county health department, recommends residents to be careful and avoid animals behaving in unusual ways.

The kids were attacked by the fox in the Dolostone Way / Austin Crossing area of ​​Dacula. The animal tested positive for rabies on Thursday.

The disease can be spread to humans and pets through bites and scratches. The county urged pet owners to make sure their animals are up to date on their rabies vaccination. According to the National Association of State Health Veterinarians, unvaccinated dogs and cats exposed to a rabid animal must be strictly quarantined for four months and vaccinated one month before being released, the county said.

Untreated, rabies in humans is almost always fatal. Early symptoms of rabies in humans include fever, headache and general weakness or discomfort.

Anyone who believes they have rabies should seek medical attention immediately and contact the Gwinnett County Health Department at 770-339-4260 and ask for the epidemiologist on call. To report the animal and get it picked up, call the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Bite Office at 770-339-3200 ext. 5576; after hours, call 770-51