Doctrine of Lifetime Survivor R. Kelly is the most talked about entertainment piece that is not linked to a superhero movie. The series essentially established the imminent decline of R. Kelly's legacy. Over 50 people spoke sincerely about the psychological, physical and sexual abuse they endured or witnessed by others by dealing with the legendary R&B star. In the wake of all the bad press and exposing stories, TMZ reports that Kell's health has fallen.

Sources near Kells claim that he began to suffer from panic attacks during the days leading up to the release of Surviving R. Kelly. When the series premiered and celebrities across the industry shunned Kelly, his attacks became worse. Kells feels like he was writing hits to turn his back on him, and he still thinks he didn't do anything wrong. The panic attacks have become so bad that Kells had to receive medical treatment. He visited a hospital on one occasion, but also hired a doctor for house visits. Although Kells recently discovered parties, sources claim that he just wanted an excuse to leave the house and clear his mind. They also claim that Kells acknowledges that the public has turned against him.