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QuadrigaCX co-founder used a false name? Formerly convicted of fraud

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX has made headlines over the past week for the incredible story of the company's CEO's death, leading to loss of access to all customer funds. CEO Gerald Cotten was clearly in December of complications related to Crohn's disease.

Speculation has been great for Quadriga, which now has its customers over $ 190 million in funds.

The exchange has since gone offline and QuadrigaCX filed an affidavit by Cottens Widow, Jennifer Robertson.

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Social media has seen all sorts of potential stories played out on what exactly could have happened to both CEO Gerald Cotten as a means of exchange, after a new report stating that the exchange never actually lost any of its wallets.

Social media has now come out claiming that Quadriga founder Michael Patryn is not Michael at all, but rather convicted felon, Omar Dhanani. According to social media, Dhanani was sentenced for fraud to run an online marketplace for identity theft in the United States and released in 2007.

The latest news on this could pose a disaster to Quadriga, as well as customers who expect to get their funds out of exchange. What is also true is the fact that Dhanani would have access to customer identification documents and could do with them as he wishes.

Although the information has not been confirmed by a credible source from now on, only another avenue is shooting a dark light over the whole situation. Continue with Chepicap for updates on QuadrigaCX debacle.

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2.7 million BTC

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