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Qatar Petroleum looks to invest $ 20 billion in US News

Qatar Petroleum (QP) wants to invest at least $ 20 billion in the United States, its executive director said after the government of the CARS ceases OPEC, liberate Doha from potential legal risks in the United States.

Saad al -Kaabi, holding the energy portfolio of the world's leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG), also said on Sunday QP to announce its foreign partners for the new LNG trains that will be built in mid-next year.

But He added that QP could carry out the project alone, without any international oil company on its part, if no good deals were made.

"Mark my words, if I do not get a good deal we go alone" Kaabi said in an interview at his office in Doha.

Qatar announced on December 3 that it would leave OPEC in the new year after 57 years of membership.

Citing industry sources, the Reuters news agency reported that Kaabi was worried that membership in the body could be an obstacle to QP's ambitions in th e US, where it has one of the world's largest LNG terminals.

Proposed US legislation called NOPEC (No Oil Producing Exporting Cartels Act) could reveal OPEC members in antitrust targets in the United States, while President Donald Trump has also been a vocal critic of OPEC, blaming for the high oil prices.

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