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Putin says Trump's critics in the United States are trying to undermine the meeting

MOSKVA – Russian President Vladimir V. Putin warned on Thursday that some political forces in the United States – a wording that usually refers to a presumed Russian school at the US National Security Center – tried to undermine what he called a successful meeting this week with President Trump.

"We see that there are forces in the United States that can easily offer Russian-American relations for their own ambition," Putin said in a foreign policy speech to Russian ambassadors. "Let's see how events develop, especially given that some forces try to disavow the meeting in Helsinki."

The comments came after Trump, criticized by representatives of both parties to propose that he had accepted Russian refusal of disturbance in the 2016 election, contrary to the conclusions of US intelligence officials, trying to clarify their comments at a Washington cabinet meeting. Mr. Trump said that he actually accepted the authorities' conclusions.

Russia should, when developing its foreign policy against the United States, consider the efforts of a "rather powerful" group in Washington trying to undermine good relations between countries, Putin said on Thursday.

The comments were some of the most extensive so far by Mr Putin about the Russian perception of a "deep state" of national security rulers dominating American politics and conspiring to counter Mr. Trump.

Mr. Even Trump seemed to feel that the conversation in Finland was fruitful and undervalued. "The summit with Russia was a great success, except for the real enemy people, Fake News Media," he said on Twitter . "I look forward to our second meeting so we can start implementing some of the many discussed things, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear weapons."

Other Russian officials have said dark of land in America against Dark Mr. Trump, echoing the US leader's own criticism of the special Council poll of the Russian election and possible interaction with the members of Mr. Trump's campaign team as the work of the "deep state".

"We see that there are forces in the United States that put their own group and narrow partisan interests on the national," Putin said. "Our famous satirists once wrote very well about such people:" Pathetic, weak people. "But that Here's not so in this case: These people are not pathetic and not worse. On the contrary, they are quite powerful and strong, if they can, excuse my cruelty, force millions of their people to feed different stories that are difficult to melt in normal logic. "

Speaking of" pathetic weak people "referring to opponents of Mr. Trumps Russia's policy, Putin seemed to quote from the book" The Twelve Chairs "of the Russian satirists Illya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, using a dissuasive phrase known to readers of Russian literature.

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