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Prosecutors say Boston Celtic's guard Jabari Bird choked woman at least a dozen times

Boston Celtic's Guard Jabari Bird allegedly allegedly saw a woman at least a dozen times over a four-hour period on Friday, prosecutors charged with an arraignment hearing Thursday.

According to prosecutors, the woman told police that Bird was spinning and thrown her to a wall after they came to an argument at Bird's residence. She said that Bird would crush her until she went "slip", let her catch the breath and start kidding her again.

She also said that Bird kicked her several times in her stomach and dragged her from the door as she tried to leave before she shut her into a bathroom.

The woman told the police that she could leave after the bird went out with "seizure-like" symptoms.

At the prison, Bird was accused of abuse and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery by a family or household member, kidnapping and suffocation after his arrest during the weekend.

Bird did not claim guilty at the hearing and held on the $ 50,000 bond. His next court date is set to October 25th.

Celtics took Thursday's hearing in a statement saying that the case will be handled by the NBA instead of the team.

"Most importantly, our thoughts with the victim The Celtics organization regret the secret of some kind of violence, and we are deeply disturbed by the charges against Jabari Bird," said Celtics. "According to the national violence policy in the NBA's employment agreement, issues of this kind are handled of the league office, not the team, and so the Celtics will work with both the league and local authorities to help in their ongoing investigations. will not have any further comment at this time. "

Bird had been held at a local hospital for evaluation, which delayed the arraignment hearing to Thursday.

Celtics elaborated Bird with the 56th election in the 201

7 draft. The shooter spent his rookie season on a two-way contract before signing it on it active roster this summer.

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