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Prominent Dem claims "every gun owner" understands his background check bill

Then. Joe Manchin, D.W. It has been known for seven years that everyone in the United States, every gun owner understands, "Manchin told MSNBC on Wednesday.

Manchin referred to legislation he and Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., sponsored in 2013 after Sandy Hook Elementary massacre 2012 that left 20 children dead in Connecticut The bill has failed to arrive at the president's desk even when Democrats stepped up demanding gun control amid a slew of additional mass shifts.

Although the White House initially signaled support for background checks following the mass advance in August, it eventually backed away from that position.

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Manchin on Tuesday told "America's Newsroom "that the president should support his background control legislation, which he argued, received support from the vast majority of American gun owners. [1

9659002] "I can assure you that the bill … has over 85 percent approval and it is with gun owners and anyone else who says if you go to a commercial transaction, weapons show or the internet, you don't think you should know who wants to buy that gun and for what purpose and what their background is?

"That's all we're talking about," he told Fox News host Bill Hemmer.


In August, a survey by Fox News found that 90 percent of registered voters supported background checks on all gun buyers. Only 7 percent opposed the idea, while only 27 percent opposed a ban on assault weapons. Solid majorities supported both a prohibition on gun violence and the taking of weapons from individuals at risk.

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