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Pro Putt by Topgolf review: more realistic than real Topgolf

Many VR games are about producing impossible exaggerated versions of reality, whether it’s sci-fi table tennis or a shooting game with actual zombies. However, the new Topgolf-branded Oculus Quest game goes in a different direction: it is actually more like real golf than Topgolf.

If you haven’t been to Topgolf before, that’s kind of what can be expected from a VR golf game, just for real. You are basically in a bar with a massive driving area, and you smack microchip balls at distant colorful targets. Topgolf’s technology tracks the balls on video screens so you can see how accurate your pictures were ̵

1; or, more likely, not. I went to Las Vegas place with some Verge employees after CES this year, and it was a good time besides Sean O’Kane destroying us all.

This VR game is called Pro Putt by Topgolf, which is your first clue that it is not really intended to fully create the Topgolf experience. This game is about putting, not running; The developers Golf Scope had worked with it for some time before adding the Topgolf license. Then it is as good to put mechanics is good.

I’m not a golfer, as Sean will say, though Pro PuttThe controls are easy to pick up while they feel appropriate and realistic. You play with two hands on a single Quest controller, with simple teleport controls to place you over the ball. Even if the game is technically about putting, you will need to do much longer swings on the par-4 or -5 courses. There are certainly a lot of goals going on, and the optional guidelines definitely help – I started making eagles faster than I expected – but I think this game has the right balance of fun and authenticity. I felt that I played real golf more than I did when playing real Topgolf.

The majority of the game’s content is based on a set of clean, low-pole courses that, to a large extent, lie somewhere between miniature golf and actual golf. While the developers are comparing Pro Putt to Mario Golf and EA’s Tiger Woods game, I’d say it’s closer to Sony’s All golf series. It is a chilly, well-designed golfing experience that does not require much commitment. There is not much in the way of story or career; it’s just about performing well on the courses. There are also extensive multiplayer modes and leaderboards.

Topgolf’s commitment seems to amount to some extra optional locations that are not similar to real Topgolf locations, but they do provide Pro Putt some added variety. Basically, you still set the ball rather than drive, but you score points by landing on the colored targets. I would also have liked the option for a full driving range, although I can see how the smaller experience is better suited for VR.

Pro Putt by Topgolf is really well done. I’ve always been digging golf games, from Golden tea all the way to All golf, Wii Sports, and beyond that, and this is one of the better ones I’ve played lately. For $ 19.99, it’s a simple recommendation for all Oculus Quest owners looking for a relaxing but realistic golfing experience.

Pro Putt by Topgolf is out today on Oculus Quest.

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