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Priyanka Chopra Jonas interview at "5B" – Deadline

Paul Haggis and Dan Krauss doc. 5B- plays in Cannes as a special screening aims to shine a light on the pioneering caregivers' history at the San Francisco General Hospital thanked the AIDS crisis for fear and paranoia as the virus took its biggest toll. Interspersing archive movie by Ward 5B with nice interviews with the people who were there, it is a heart attack of heroism, both by the patients and the people who treat them, when the world struggled to grab the AIDS epidemic. 19659002] "We began to imagine a movie that made it possible for viewers to be in the department at the height of the AIDS crisis in 1983," said Krauss at Deadline's Cannes studio. "And when we realized we had this amazing opportunity ̵

1; this incredible story is just ahead of us, just 15 miles away from where we were sitting – it was an electrifying moment."

The document, which publishes its page on June 14, will support (RED) continued struggle to terminate AIDS, giving some of the net profit to the global fund. Priyanka Chopra Jonas joined the lawyer for the doctor in Cannes and joined Krauss in the studio to share his support.

"I come from a family of doctors," said Chopra Jonas. "My grandmother was a nurse, I know what it takes. I've seen the fee it's taken."

Addressing Krauss, Chopra Jonas was emphatic: "Your movie, Dan, makes you sit and say," What have I done for Humanity? Have I done something that is selfless? "Because [the caregivers] did something so massive. It really mobilizes you to feel like" Oh, my God. I need to do more. ""

See more from Krauss and Chopra Jonas in our interview above.

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