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Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted on budget flights amid Sussex's private plane controversy

Prince William casts somehow
on his brother Prince Harry without saying a word. And all he had to do
got on an airplane.

Just days after the controversy over Prince Harry lecturing everyone on climate change before boarding a private jet, Prince William also saw traveling on a completely different kind of aircraft.

Royal fans discovered Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children along with royal grandson Maria Teresa Borrallo, who pulls suitcases across the tarmac to hop aboard a FlyBe flight from Norwich to Aberdeen.

  Cambridge family
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge with her children | Mateusz Wlodarczyk / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Although not confirmed, it is believed that the Cambridge family is heading to Balmoral for their annual visit with the Queen at her favorite place before the school year begins. They may have taken heat for lavish vacations in the past, but this trip sends a clear message to royal followers and the duke of the Duchess of Sussex: even the future king is not too good for commercial flights.

The Royal Family is Known for Taking Commercial Flights

Although it seems strange that a future monarch would squeeze his luggage in small roof sections, Prince William is not the first royal family member to save on travel expenses by choosing cheaper flights . In an effort to reduce their huge travel budget, royalties are usually discovered either on British Airways or American Airlines flights.

  The Cambridge Family | teatimewiththamambridge via Instagram
Cambridge family | teatimewthecambridges via Instagram

But this time they were discovered aboard a FlyBe plane, which probably made a short trip to Scotland. One passenger explained: “The family just sat in front. I fly this route all the time and we were no wiser. No one knew they were on the flight. Later, I realized that Kate & # 39; s mom put a few lines in front of me. "

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were just called
flying on a private jet

Although likely to be a coincidence, it is very interesting that Prince William and Kate Middleton chose a cheap commercial flight amid the controversy with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Well-known friends like Elton John have been quick to defend the couple, but the fact remains that Prince Harry is called a hypocrite after coming on four private planes in an 11-day period.

A royal expert had some harsh words about Prince Harry and his latest discoveries. As Duncan Larcombe said on Yahoo's Royal Box "People are not stupid, come on Harry. He is freestanding where he came from. He was a people prince, he has now become a hypocrite, preached, secluded little confused young prince and he will lose his popularity. "

Prince William's popularity level is still high

All criticism Prince Harry has been the recipient is starting to charge for his popularity. A new investigation found that Prince William's reputation remains about the same, while the Duke of Sussex's reputation has taken a significant dip.

Is it because one royal brother is willing to fly commercially while the other continues to hop on private jet aircraft? That's probably part of the question! Keep your eyes open to see if Prince Harry is taking the hint and book his next flight on BA instead.

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