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Prince Harry “lacks confidence” and is “eclipsed” by Meghan Markle during video call says body language expert

Since it has been a minute since the royal fans have seen Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, all looked at the couple as they talked during a recent video call about racial equality. A body language expert found Prince Harry’s way during the video chat particularly revealing, saying he was “cumbersome” and “obscured” by Meghan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a traditional welcome ceremony on the lawns of Government House in Wellington, New Zealand
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Prince Harry and Meghan discussed racism and equality

This week, a video was published of Prince Harry and Meghan participating in a video call for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which they serve as President and Vice President. The discussion with youth leaders was about justice and equal rights.

“We cannot deny or ignore the fact that we have all been trained to see the world differently,” shared Prince Harry during their talk. “But when you start to realize that there is such bias there, then you have to admit it, you have to do the job to become more conscious … so you can help yourself stand up for something that is so wrong and should not be acceptable in our society today. “

“It’s not just in the big moments, it’s in the quiet moments where racism and unconscious bias lie and thrive,” shared Meghan during the meeting.

Prince Harry’s body language was a little awkward

Body language experts Judi James shared his thoughts on Prince Harry’s approach to the sun and found Prince Harry to be “troublesome” during the talks. “Does Harry look more like a fish out of water in the United States? His body language in this video link looks pretty awkward, especially next to his wife, ”she noted.

James continued, “Meghan showed glimpses of her ability to speak passionately about her causes and her ability to inspire people when she was in the UK, but with a seat belt of royal restrictions, she is seen to be related to and empathize with young people in a way that Harry with his privileged upbringing never could. “

James further pointed out his placement on the side of the frame which gave Meghan “the room to gesture with confidence and speak with his eyes straight into the camera.”

She thinks Harry’s eye movements make him “distract” while Meghan speaks. “His eyes go to the right and then he looks down at the floor at once, rather than looking visually focused and ‘on-message’,” she explained.

“Looking down is usually a stripped-down gesture that suggests a lack of confidence or a desire to hide for a while,” James added.

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Last week, we welcomed young leaders from our network and QCT’s President and Vice President, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for a conversation about #justice, #justice and # equality as part of our ongoing series of youth-led discussions. The value of @Chrisann_jay, QCT trustee and co-founder and co-CEO of @ webelong19, also included Alicia Wallace, director of @ equity242, @mikeomoniyics, founder and CEO of @tcsnetwork, and @abdullahialim who leads the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers network of new young leaders in Africa and the Middle East. The conversation focused on why issues of # justice are important to all of us today, the opportunity to meet to make a difference, and what role young people play in driving systemic change for the better. Go to the link in our #TeamQCT bio to see the full discussion

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Meghan “fascinating”

James further noted how Harry was “duped” by Meghan’s speaking skills and he let her take the lead in this area. “He is clearly eclipsed by her ability to speak in a calm but passionate inspirational tone and it would be no surprise if he was not surprised by her talent of speaking from the heart and conveying messages that can be life-changing,” she explained.

The body language expert shared more of his thoughts on how Prince Harry behaved during the conversation with the Daily Mail, once again explaining that he seemed awkward and “somewhat trapped to one side, with no room to gesture and – initially – no room to speak.”

She continued, “Meghan is fascinating but Harry either repeats her words or adds a” Yes “after she makes a point.”

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