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Prime Perks: Amazon Dangles Discounts for Whole Foods Shoppers


AMZN -1.59%

offers new discounts for Prime members who shop at their Whole Foods grocery stores, adding a further amount for their membership programs after a 20% price increase.

The online giant dealer said it would beat a 1

0% discount on already discounted items and weekly prices of other products throughout the store. This week's offers include half wild catch halibut, buy-one, get-a free 12-pack sparkling water and $ 2.99 for a pound of organic strawberries.

The new offers are available directly in Florida stores and will roll out to their more than 460 stores nationwide this summer. Cem Sibay, Vice President of Amazon Prime, said that the 10% discount will apply to hundreds or even thousands of already discounted items in each store, while the weekly rotation of offers will usually count in the same numbers.

"It will be a good mix of products, meat and seafood," he said.

The discounts come as analysts estimate Prime growth may slow down. Amazon for the first time last month showed that it has over 100 million premieres worldwide. Analysts still believe that the company has largely saturated wealthier US households and triggers the company to seek further growth for the program elsewhere.

Adding more discounts to Whole Foods can make the Prime Program a value for some customers and keep them in the trap, as well as deduct some of the approximately 40% of non-member customers, according to Morgan Stanley. Analysts at the bank say food rebates "can go far to motivate Prime membership … even at $ 120 a year."

Amazon increased the Prime Prize for the last month for only the second time since 1995. The program, which includes unlimited two-day delivery and video content, started at $ 75 in 2005. Leaders announced the year's price increase to the cost of delivering the program that it adds to the offer .

Prime consists of a number of benefits, Mr. Sa sibay "So no use really gives a price increase."

Amazon has recently also added a new option for car delivery to Prime members and started offering a Prime Book Box that delivers a curated subscription of discount children's books.

Amazon has also expanded the Prime Consumers scope by adding programs that cost $ 5.99 a month for those receiving government-supported cards commonly used for the Food Stamp Program and Medicaid Help.

To get the new Discounts for Whole Foods, Amazon told Prime customers to log in to either scan a barcode generated by the buyer's app or enter their phone number to qualify for the discounts. Prime customers with Amazon reward credit cards qualify for an additional 5% discount.

Whole Foods Prime discounts are the latest in a series of changes Amazon has announced since the acquisition of the food chain in August. It has also added one- and two-hour delivery in some markets, slashed a few prices, added lockers to most stores, and introduced Whole Foods private label food to their own website.

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Appeared in May 16, 2018, published as "Amazon Prime Users Get Full Foods Perk."

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