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President Trump was expecting to sign the first veto

It will be the first time in his two years in the office that Trump has used his president veto to block the legislation and comes after a dozen Senate Republicans joined the Democrats to contest Trump's use of his national emergency to circumvent Congress and the fund construction of a border wall.

"I look forward to VETOING the just-handed Democrat inspiring resolution that would open the borders under increased crime, drugs and trade in our country," Trump trumped shortly after the Senate passed the resolution condemning Trump's unilateral action. "I thank all the strong Republicans who voted to support border guards and our desperately needed wall!"

Twelve Republican senators tied together to deliver the powerful endeavor to express concerns that Trump's use of the National Emergency Declaration as a definite round of Congress violates the separation of powers and sets a bad precedent that a future democratic president could follow to unilaterally. run its agenda.

The White House attempted to repatriate Republican defects leading up to the vote with the President and White House aides ready for Republican senators that a vote against Trump on this issue would have re-election implications.

Trump rejected the Confessions of several Senate Republicans in order to agree on a compromise that would limit their national powers and instead framed the vote is not a matter of constitutional problems, but rather a litmus safety border test.

The approach ̵

1; in particular the threat of re-election repercussions – forfeited several Republicans for re-election by 2020, but ultimately did not stop the Senate agreeing on the resolution.

Trump's veto sends the resolution to the US House of Representatives, which is expected to pick up after the week-long congress room. The house is not expected to have the two-thirds of the House's support needed to override the President's veto.

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