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Predict the Madden 21 rating for the rest of the Steelers beginner

Madden 21’s release is now only six weeks away from the August 21 release date (It’s incredible to think that Madden’s developers will be able to fix the Franchise mode and design Washington _________ in time) and with it comes the mandatory “teaser” campaign through the release of rookie ratings and rookie reactions to those ratings.

This year’s release of freshman ratings is announced, interestingly, by position groups and notable players due to the Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts not having a first pick in the NFL Draft 2020. Now we have an indication of how the rating distributed in this year̵

7;s Madden edition, with the release of quarterback and wide receiver rookie rating, let’s look at where the Steelers’ choices might fall.

First, the Steelers had a player’s rating released in this initial offensive pool, with Chase Claypool The Steelers 2nd round picked a total of 70 (this Steelers fan felt that 72 was fairer). This total rating was given based on these ratings or primary and secondary attributes:

Primary attributes:

  • Speed: 92, Acceleration: 89, Flexibility: 78, Change of direction: 73, Release: 68, Jump: 95
  • Strength: 71, Awareness: 70, Wear: 78, Carrier view: 83, Break Tackle: 78
  • Set arm: 73, Spin Move: 78, Juke Move: 79, Truck: 87, Kick Return: 65
  • Catch: 79, Spectacular Catch: 84, Catching in traffic: 84
  • Short route: 73, Medium road driving: 71, Deep Route Running: 73
  • Damage: 87, Endurance: 86, Toughness: 86, Tackle: 43, Break Sack: 32,
  • Power Block: 61, Lead block: 41, Run Block: 56, Pass block: 49

Secondary attributes:

  • Run Block Power: 47, Run Block Finesse: 49, Pass Block Power: 47, Pass Block Finesse: 48
  • Throwing force: 47, Throwing under pressure: 26, Throwing on the jump: 35 Playing action: 25,
  • Short throw accuracy: 40, Average throw accuracy: 30, Depth throw accuracy: 26
  • Power Moves: 26, Finesse Moves: 30, Block Shedding: 50, Pursuit: 57, Hit Power Rating: 45
  • Play Recognition: 28, Male Coverage: 41, Zone Coverage: 50, Press Coverage Rating: 43
  • Kick Power: 21, Kick Precision: 15

Before we make overall grade predictions for the rest of the Steelers’ rookie class, let’s jump into “Black n Gold” DeLorean (nice metaphor Brian Anthony Davis, thank you for borrowing it) and look at ratings from Steeler’s rookie cohort 2019:

What do these grades indicate for this year’s beginner class? First, we must suppress any expectation that the rookie class rankings of the 20th century will reflect their actual performance in the field. With Madden apparently less a “simulation game” or authentic experience in recent years and developers building in the incentive to play the game as the season progresses, hopefully the players’ ratings will hopefully increase. Second, the rating ranges for all players, especially offensive linemen and defensive linemen, decline significantly when the selections outside the first three rounds are rated.

EA has also added a new Madden 21 rating called Change of Direction (which above is Claypool’s 73) which replaces the previous “Elusiveness” rating given to offensive players and now applied to both offensive and defensive players. It is difficult to assess the impact of this new rating on the game without playing beta, or on overall ratings such as being able to switch with ranking controls. However, this rating attribute has the potential to significantly change the game in terms of animation and response to the player than the predecessor did in previous releases (a discussion for a future article), and will undoubtedly affect the game at the middle linebacker, cornerback and safety positions.

With all of this in mind and under consideration, here are my Madden 21 rating predictions for the rest of the Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Class:

Now I have given my Madden 21 Rookie rating prediction, I would like to hear your predictions or maybe you also feel that Chase Claypool has been given some “rating shadow” by the developers for his overall rating / specific attribute.

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