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Potential hanging in postal voting: backlog of post offices

– Mail is piled up at the post office, and the employees are worried that the ballot boxes in November may be delayed. The rest has been built since the new secretary general and President Trump’s ally, Louis DeJoy, adopted changes to the post this month that were billed as needed to cut costs. Washington Post reports. They include shutting down mail sorting machines early, requiring postmen to leave without any mail to avoid making extra trips or late deliveries, and ending overtime pay. Trump, who has called the post office “a joke”

;, this week ran the idea of ​​postponing the election rather than having a widespread postal vote. He cited the potential for fraud, but workers and union officials say the new changes could at least lead to chaos. “I am actually terrified to see the election period under the new procedure,” said a union president in New York.

DeJoy took office in June. When announcing the changes, Vice points out, he said the postal service will trade delayed mail in exchange for saving money. A spokesman said the changes were necessary after decades of financial problems. Any delays are temporary, he said, adding that DeJoy was appointed by a two-party board and does not take his marching orders from Trump. But a union president representing 200,000 workers and retirees put their objections to the post in a meeting with DeJoy. “It’s wrong for the people of the country, it’s wrong for the public postal service,” he said. “It drives away business and revenue.” Four Democratic senators asked DeJoy for more information this week, saying his lack of transparency “only raises concerns that service compromises will grow before the election.” (Read more stories about the US Postal Service.)

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