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Possible violence at home after California rampage

The detectives on Friday investigate a possible violence against the violence after an officer shot and killed his former wife before killing himself for an almost 40-minute rampage in Southern California.

Javier Casarez shot himself as a deputy who was shut to him after the murder in Bakersfield, about 90 miles (145 miles) north of Los Angeles, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Thursday.

Casarez, 54, shot his ex-wife and a man on a truck company before jumping for another man and killing him and drove to a home where he shot dead a father and daughter on Wednesday.

Court record shows a divorce between Casarez and Petra Maribel Bolanos de Casarez was completed earlier this year.

In his divorce application filed in December, Cesarez Bolanos accused of cheating and asking the judge for his wife's text messages to specific phone numbers. The referee denied the request.

Bolanos recently applied for a change that included child support and custody of the couple's two teenage children, and the couple had a hearing set for October 11, court record show.

Youngblood said it seems that Casarez addressed all victims, who started with a T & T Trucking worker, and that violence at home seems to have played a major part.

"It seems that it's more than just a man and a wife who has a fight because other people targeted," he said. "There is a reason for it and we must find that cause."

Investigators look at whether Casarez ex-wife may have had relations with Contreras or Valadez, said the sheriff.

Casarez probably assumed his former wife to the truck company against his will and then fatally shot 50-year-old Manuel Contreras with a .50 caliber gun, the authorities said. He shot his ex-wife and then turned the gun on a second man, 50-year-old Antonio Valadez, said the department of the sheriff.

Casarez fired Valadez as he ran away, then traced him into his car and killed him, said the sheriff.

Casarez then drove to the house of the 57-year-old Eliseo Garcia Cazares, whom Youngblood identified as a friend. Casarez shot dead Garcia and his daughter, 31-year-old Laura Garcia.

"She may have tried to intervene in suspicious approaching his father, and he shot and killed them both," Youngblood said. [19659005] After the shot in Garcia's home Casarez cararded a woman who drove with her child. The woman and child fled, and Casarez drove to a highway where a sheriff's deputy saw him, Youngblood said.

When the deputy closed in and shouted at Casarez to release his weapon, Casarez shot himself in his stomach, according to the graphics film camera footage released by the police on Facebook.

The video shows deputies and paramedics working to save Casarez. Deputies look over Casarez's gun and talk about how he would have to reload it during rampage.

David Bunting, who said he is a friend of Eliseo Garcia Cazares and lives two doors down from him, said he had no idea why his neighbors should have been directed.

He said Garcia was self-employed who drove with his grandchildren when they did not work, often driving them around on his golf car.

"He's a really nice guy. Does not say good enough about him," said Bunting. "It's kind of shock because of the kind of person he was."

He said his daughter Laura was a mother to four and most of Garcia's great family were at home during the shooting season. He said they are devastated and in shock.

He said that Eliseo Garcia Cazares and his wife had four adult children, including a daughter killed in a car accident a few years ago.

T & T Trucking, where the first shot occurred, said in a statement that the company is "in a state of sadness."

"We are very sad and offer our cordial compassion and prayers to those who lost a loved one. "

About 30 witnesses, Youngblood was said.

He said Casarez was a permanent resident in the United States. Casarez had been arrested for vehicle theft in the 1980s, but he had no history of violent crime, said the sheriff .

Youngblood called the scots devastating, especially for Laura Garcia's children, who may have seen their mother dead. 19659005] "These little children, when they see this, is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives," he said. "But officers … they are not immune to these feelings. These cases are the entire career of them so it has a significant impact on many people in our society and in our department."


Associated Press writer Christopher Weber contributed to this report.

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