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Zero files complaint with ANAC for excessive night flights

ZERO was found by the number of movements at the Lisbon Airport registered on the ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal SA website (departures and arrivals), in connection with the Flightradar24.com website and the direct observation in a few days there for a total of ten days between 5 and July 14, maximum number of daily air movements may exceed seven

In this regard, Zero filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC)

 Nollfile a complaint with ANAC for excessive night flight

The campaign "DERIVES TO MORE, THE HELL OF HEAVENS" was launched under the auspices of "19459006", which aimed to "warn and sensitize the influence of aircraft noise in Lisbon," Associação Zero monitored the number of air movements (landings and starts) at night and noted that for ten days was seven over the daily maximum number q

According to the noise legislation published in 2000, during the period between midnight At 6 am, no air movement would be expected to occur at Lisbon Airport. An exception rule, however, was created in 2004, which allows a maximum of 91 movements per week and 26 per day at night.

 Zero records a complaint with ANAC for excessive night flights

] As for the weekly figures, the Zero totals are considered "scandalous", since the average value of four seven-day periods is 184 flights, more than double 91 prescribed by law and reaching 118 flights in two cases. "

Tasks Revealed by the Zero Association

  Zero presents complaints to ANAC for exaggerated night flights

The information presented gives strong indications that the current exemption regime at Lisbon Airport is not respected and has context sent a request for research and action in accordance with the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) with knowledge to the Environmental Inspectorate and the Portuguese Ambassador

Noll also notes that flights unlike other countries where the airport's closing period only protects Emergency movements, in the case of Lisbon, directly or indirectly, flights take place at any time of the night which can be easily justified.

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