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WWE can make a big announcement on today's Raw

There has been much talk and speculation in recent days about changes that will take place on WWE NXT and their possible move to the USA Network to compete with the upcoming All Elite Wrestling Weekly, which opens in early October. [19659002] It has been said that the WWE program will continue to air on Wednesday, the same day as the future AEW program, but will be two hours long. In addition, you can expect a larger watchlist and some superstars from the main list can also participate in it. It can be assumed that the date of these changes can take place as early as September 11.

But on this topic it was also said that WWE would announce this Monday. Now Wrestling Observer reports that this announcement can be made in full Monday night today, as WWE's main broadcast is also broadcast on the USA Network.

To confirm these future changes to WWE NXT and its announcement on today's Monday Night Raw, any WWE manager such as Triple H or Vince McMahon is expected to be in the program to make such an announcement.

Do you think WWE will really change NXT? And do you think this announcement will be made in today's Raw?

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