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World Diabetes Day will take action with bicycle preparation bikes

Those crossing Paulista Avenue on Thursday, 14, may have juices prepared in a different way: through their own pedal. The measure is part of the movement # DiabetesNoMePara a Roche Diabetes Care initiative aimed at raising awareness and providing information on this disease affecting more than 12 million Brazilian adults, half of whom are still undiagnosed. 19659002] The measure is part of the # DiabetesNoMePara movement, a Roche Diabetes Care initiative. "Src =" https://p2.trrsf.com/image/fget/cf/460/0/images.terra.com/2019/11/11/1573416379284.jpg "title =" The action is part of the movement # DiabetesNoMe, initiative of Roche Diabetes Care. "Width =" 460 “/>

The measure is part of the # DiabetesNoMePara, initiative of Roche Diabetes Care.

Photo: Press release / Estadão

During cycling, the participant moves a mixer and thus makes their own juice with low sugar and carbohydrate fruit choice, best suited for those with diabetes .

"We want to make the population aware of the importance of easy and playful prevention and treatment of diabetes based on three pillars: physical activity, healthy diet and control. Blood sugar," explains Paul Roart Diabetes Care CEO Paul Quartim Barbosa.

The measure will include blood sugar testing for people who are interested in doing so. Those with altered blood sugar will receive a monitoring kit Accu-Chek, which consists of the new Accu-Chek Guide glucometer, lancet and strips to encourage monitoring. It will also have health professionals from the National Diabetes Care Association (ANAD) to provide guidance to participants.

The action is done with institutional support from the Brazilian Diabetes Society (SDB), National Diabetes Care Association (ANAD), Juvenile Diabetes Association (ADJ) and IDF-SACA (International Diabetes Federation ̵

1; South and Central America). Anyone can participate in the action from 12:00 to 18:00, including children.

What is diabetes?

It is a disease characterized by insufficient production or malabsorption of insulin a hormone that regulates blood glucose. Without insulin, glucose cannot enter cells and remain in the blood, increasing blood sugar levels. The two most common types are:

Type 1 Diabetes (DM1): usually occurs in childhood or adolescence. Quick onset, its symptoms are most evident (very thirsty, very hungry and weight loss). Requires insulin therapy.

Type 2 Diabetes (DM2): Usually diagnosed in adults, has few symptoms and is associated with obesity, physical inactivity and hereditary factors. It is usually treated with oral medication.

Major disease control practices include healthy eating, exercise and glycemic control.

Gestational diabetes

Pregnancy diabetes is characterized by increased glucose levels in the body. blood during pregnancy . This type can cause complications for women's health, such as kidney problems and high blood pressure, and the baby, who may have overloaded the pancreas and risk of hypoglycemia (sudden low blood sugar). The most important recommendations for not having this type of diabetes is to have a balanced diet and exercise.


# DiabetesNoMeFor World Diabetes Day


Thursday, November 14, from 12 to 18h

Where: Shopping Center 3 – Sunroom

Address: Av. Paulista, 2064 – Cerqueira César – Zip Code: 01310-928 – Sao Paulo | SP


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