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Works at GNR headquarters that will host DIAP start soon – Jornal TRUE

Armanda Gonçalves, president of the Porto Este region, has revealed that the Ministry of Finance has already approved the Regulation, which allows for progress with the work of the GNR de Penafiel Headquarters, which is necessary for the Criminal Investigation and Action Department (DIAP) and the Crime Department's services are there .

"The regulation was approved two months ago and currently the process is in the state of public procurement. I'm expecting the work to begin in September" announced by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Court, António Silva Henriques Gaspar , to the courts of Penafiel and Amarante

that it had already been decided to transfer DIAP, currently working in containers placed in the Tribunal of Penafiel, and the criminal justice services, located in the Marco de Canaveses Tribunal, for the headquarters of GNF in Penafiel. But the work needed for the rebuilding of space was slow to begin, which led to local legal agents and local administrators who dreaded the project to be realized.

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Also in Friday's High Court and Supreme Court Judge "Extremely Positive" made an assessment of the current legal system. "It's a good time to share and all the indices we collect in the different regions are exceptionally positive and let us calm about how justice works" he said at the end of the visit to Comarca do Porto [19659003] Still in Penafiel, the adviser claimed that the Portuguese court "entered the cruise line". "We are completely mastering reasonable decision-making time. It is also a positive equilibrium goal for the reform of the judiciary and all the minor adjustments imposed by the actual practice have allowed another scale and another form of administration" motivated.

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