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“Wonderful view”: Almada mayor says she would stay in Bairro Amarelo “tomorrow” | Almada

The mayor of Almada, Inês de Medeiros, from the Socialist Party, said on Monday that she did not mind “tomorrow” living in Bairro Amarelo, “with the wonderful view”.

The mayor spoke at the regular public meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, where the simplified change of the national ecological reserve in Porto Brandão (Trafaria, Caparica), in the Lazareto area, was approved.

Inês de Medeiros said she worked with the IHRU (Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation) to remove the “ghetto” aspect of the neighborhood, stressing that “there are no territories for the rich and others for the poor”. He also praised the municipality he leads for the work he has done to rebuild housing.

“Almada has the privilege of having social neighborhoods in absolutely wonderful spaces, with an enviable view. All the social neighborhoods on the north shore are jealous. Tomorrow I would stay in Bairro Amarelo with the wonderful view “, she said.

The mayor’s statement was criticized by Congresswoman Joana Mortágua of Bloco de Esquerda on the social network Twitter. “The mayor of Almada thinks that the inhabitants of social districts are privileged by ‘vista-rio’ and even says that she did not mind moving to Bairro Amarelo. This at the same time as it justifies the approval of a 5-star hotel in Porto Brandão. Every comment is superfluous “, wrote the deputy elected by Setúbal.

Bairro Amarelo is a social residential area located near the Costa da Caparica. It was considered a sensitive area by the PSP due to its recurring criminal problems.

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