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Whatsapp Blocking Account We Can Five Days Choice – Observer

Five days in the election in Spain, Podemos, Pablo Iglesias party, saw his Whatsapp account that was blocked . According to a company spokesman, who confirmed what happened, We violated the instant messaging service terms and conditions. The news is loaded by the Spanish digital magazine eldiario.es

"We apply the same standards to all users of Whatsapp worldwide. Our service rules are explicit and do not allow mass mailing or use of third-party applications to automate the messaging service, "says a whatsapp spokesman to eldiario.es [1

9659003] On our site this justification was not accepted. "Our team has followed the procedures outlined in the terms of use of the WhatsApp application," said Juan Manuel del Olmo, the party's communications secretary, who reported the situation on Twitter.

In the same social network, Olmo why only the Cuenta account has been blocked when other Spanish parties use the messenger service in the same way. And he used as an example a message sent by PSOE

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