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Trump again threatens Iran with "overwhelming force" of the army where "billions of dollars" has been invested – Observer

It is a wider idea of ​​the fire of the conflict between Iran and the United States. The UN Security Council met on Monday behind closed doors to discuss the issue and Trump was clearly announcing "new major sanctions" to Tehran. The hypothesis of introducing sanctions was not just enough to calm the moods but also contributed to the tension between the two countries.

The first to respond to the sanctions was the Tehran regime which replied that this hypothesis showed that the White House had been "mentally incapable". "The United States Army is by far the most powerful military force in the world"

The US President of the United States says that Iranian leadership is unaware of the concept of "compassion" or "sympathy", but knows the term "force" and "power" and Americans will have no problem demonstrating their military capabilities to Iran. 1

9659004] Iran does not understand the words "nice" or "compassion", they never have. Unfortunately, the thing they understand is Strength and Power, and the United States is by far the most powerful military force in the world, with $ 1.5 billion invested in the last two years alone.

– Donald J. Trump (@ trump accuses the Iranian leadership of just investing in a climate of "terror" and nothing more. "The wonderful Iranian population suffers for no reason," wrote Donald Trump, reminiscent of "2000 Americans killed. and many more injured "as a result of the tehran regime's use of bombs.

American statements that came from Iran are" ignorant and very insulting "and Trump leaves the warning: " All attacks from Iran, regardless of American it may be, will have a great and overwhelming response ". After Tehran knocked down an American drone on Thursday, Washington had prepared a flight strike, interrupted by Trump in the closing minute. Following this announcement this afternoon, the Iranian government is aware that if a similar episode repeated, Trump will not be willing to cancel the US offensive.

Only in the last two years has "Invest $ 1.5 billion (or $ 1.5 billion) in US military, according to Trump. What results in the "strongest military force in the world" ready to respond to the attacks of Iran.

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