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The Navy wants to launch the first Queen of the Queen this year

"The I want is that maybe this year I can start with the first release of unmanned aerial systems," said Armada Chief of Staff ( CEMA ), Admiral Mendes Calado, speaking to reporters aboard on the frigate Álvares Cabral.

About 852 military and civilians, supported by eight warships and a submarine, are involved in the 10th edition of "Recognized". Environmental Image (Maritime Unmanned Systems) – REP ( MUS ) 19 ", the largest demonstration exercise for the use of" drones "in the Navy's service, which began on September 9 September and will continue until September 27

In the fictitious scenario established today to test the equipment, a ship is pirated off the Troy coast in Setubal district and three people are held hostage, inside the boat, the Portuguese fleet mobilizes all available means and initiates the rescue The

Hydrographic vessel D. Carlos I is flanked by an attack vessel from Special Actions DAE ) from the Portuguese fleet, prepared to begin the rescue operation.

Support to the team are four unmanned vehicles: surfaces and two airborne.

The two unmanned fast boats are piloted from Naval Support Point by Troy ̵

1; one of which has an underwater weapon on the front which can be ordered to remotely control the target – and monitors the pirate ship on the port side.

At the same time, the drone Puma " orbiting about the vessel for permanent monitoring of the target, while another drone flies over the vessel from a higher point to expand the navy's field of view. [19659003] The terms of rescue efforts are evaluated by the command established on board D. Carlos I and also by the commander of the attack group, who can see all unmanned vehicles catching from all directions .

After the conditions have been assessed, DAE the attack vessel is ordered to start rescue, which accelerates in direction to hostage and rescues hostage within minutes team method.

The operation was an exercise included in "Recognized Environmental Image (Maritime Unmanned Systems) – REP ( MUS 19), but the procedures reflected the reality of the operations, the Navy emphasized.

These operations are usually performed at night – to take advantage of factor surprise – but the example was daytime to demonstrate the concept that is the new venture for the Portuguese Navy: the use of vehicles not tri

This mission, which used four of these military drones is just one of the uses of this technique.

"[Através deste exercício] We had view aware of the importance that this type of system will lead to the future of our business and how we will change our way of being at sea using these unmanned systems, "Admiral Mendes Calado said, adding with enthusiasm that he is" particularly sensitive to anything that is innovative. "

For CEMA one of the benefits of these systems supporting search and rescue vessels is being able to have advanced vigilance to identify "accidents in the use of space" and "to be able to sector to sectorize the effort "for Portuguese vessels and NATO," with the help of a wider horizon ". ".

The Naval Commander, Vice Al Henrique Gouveia and Melo explained that to develop these vehicles it was necessary to" bring together the academy, industry and armed forces "from different countries.

According to the information provided by the Portuguese Navy available to Lusa, those involved in developing these technologies were eight research centers / universities and 17 industries from different countries, and 1,146 hours of navigation were required. Unmanned vehicles will complement and multiply capacity.

"The sooner we come to this world of unmanned vehicles, the sooner we will be able to multiply our capacity and value at reasonable costs, "said the seafarer. [19659019] Read also: Drones and unmanned aircraft will represent 10% of the market by 2050

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