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The IMF calls on Portuguese to save and ask for more investment in services

" it is important to pay attention to public investment so that structures such as schools and hospitals provide the best possible service and have (19659002) Asked about the increase in tax burden, which reached a new record of 35.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) According to figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the increase "partially reflects the recovery of the economy", "

The economist reminded that" public services are the counterpart to the taxes the state collects "and in that sense" the quality of public services is very important because they are what taxpayers receive in exchange for these contributions. "

The day marking five years after the end of the Portuguese adjustment program, which took place on May 1

7, 2014, Alfredo Cuevas left a message in Portuguese for all the Portuguese, asking for ambition in the changes that must be made to make the economy grow bigger and better.

" The economy is growing, the public accounts are much better. The debts to businesses and families are lower than a few years ago. Many progress has been made and it is good that Portuguese are proud ," says Alfredo Cuevas on the balance sheet over the past five years.

However, the IMF official stressed that "so that people have a better standard of living and the economy is more resilient to shocks coming from the outside."

" We must continue the work and we must have the ambition to do those Changes that the economy must grow more and better "says Alfredo Cuevas.

The economist also warned that "the country becomes aging, reforms over time become a little lower and it is necessary that people make an extra and complementary effort with other savings, beyond the amount they expect to receive from social security . "

Alfredo Cuevas pointed out that" it is necessary to supplement "this value" with a saving per "


In a statement released today at the end of the Article IV mission, the IMF says that "the pension system could benefit from specific adjustments to reduce the expected increases in related expenditure on aging [da população] over the coming years and reduce inequality among pensioners as required by current legislation. "

The Fund further proposes" exploration of alternatives, including tax incentives, to encourage complementary schemes for professional and individual savings for the reform. "

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